Curly Crafty Mom: Montelle Sunset Wine Dinner

Monday, July 9, 2012

Montelle Sunset Wine Dinner

Last summer, Brian and I went to Montelle Winery for one of their sunset dinners, and we had a wonderful time in between two thunder showers (one right before we got there, and they had to reset all the plates, and one at the end where everyone rain inside with their desserts). For some reason, whenever Brian and I plan outdoorsy activities, there is a THUNDERSTORM! Seriously... So, it didn't surprise us after a two week drought (or maybe its been longer. i. just. can't. remember.), that on our way out there it started thundering... and, as we ate our salad, more thunder. The waitress came out, oh, I am watching it on the radar, we should get dinner in... as we ate our delicious steak... thunder, thunder. Dessert. More thunder. Rain? Nope! Well, unless you count a steady flow on our way back home.

Brian is so much taller then me, love this shot our waitress took of us. Ha! It is such a nice place to go for a sunset dinner, there is a huge bluff you sit on and you can look down into the valley. Its an amazing view of the sun setting, good food and Montelle has some of my favorite Missouri wine. We might go back in the Fall and try their pork chop meal, every weekend they have something different that the chef prepares. I wish I had remembered to take some photos of the food, so mouthwatering!
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