Curly Crafty Mom: Rockin' our Latissimus dorsi!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rockin' our Latissimus dorsi!

With Autumn being in the hospital, I got so behind on my workouts! I've been trying to get 2 upper body workouts and 15 miles of running in each week. So, yesterday I did an upper body work out with the kids (this is the second time I've done the workout with the kids, THEY LOVE IT) and after they were in bed I did 8 miles on the treadmill (I had done 7 miles before Autumn got admitted)... I really didn't want to do 8 miles, but it went fairly well! And, the kids just love doing my upper body workout dvd with me, they may be silly and have wrong form and all during it, but at least they giggle and have fun... Being a Mom is alllll about the multi taskin'!

Here we all are doing push ups... Nathan's like, oh, Mom, this is easssy. We do these in gym class! Ha, ha! Its funny to watch him do them. Then, I could hardly do my own push ups because Autumn started doing hers UNDER me. I call them Aut-Ups. These kids!

Brian was over while we were doing the workout. Nathan was SO good, he tried to do everything... even though he needs a little work. But, Autumn went wild. She drug my pink workout mat into the bathroom and wouldn't come out with it. I kept working out, but Brian was trying to get her to bring it back! I did get it back eventually. Brian had fun taking pictures of us. Ha!

Wow. We got in a good work out. Poor little Autumn was a tired girl! Ha!
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