Curly Crafty Mom: Sunset Picnic on a Paddle boat at the Boathouse

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunset Picnic on a Paddle boat at the Boathouse

After having Autumn in the hospital for two days last week, Brian and I were wondering if we would still be going on our paddle boat ride. Luckily, she was released Thursday morning, and we were able to still go. And, for anyone that is wondering, she is doing a lot better this week and I am hoping her daily meds will help us to avoid any flair ups in the future. After going into work for a half day, and visiting with the kids after work, I headed off to Forest Park with Brian and we got to the Boathouse a little early. There is a restaurant and patio there so you can sit out with a glass of wine (like we did) and chitchat while watching baby ducks float by with their Mommas and all those out paddle boating with their dogs or kids. 

Every Thursday night during the summer, the Boathouse has sunset picnic dinners on their paddle boats. You leave the dock at 8:30pm and head out till 10pm, with a picnic basket full of goodies you select from their menu. Along with your choice of wine or they offer other beverages. They rang the bell, we boarded, and paddled our little hearts out for quite some time to reach the Grand Basin. The first time we did this, we took our time and ate before we even reached the Grand Basin... but, this time we knew we wanted to paddle, paddle, paddle and watch the beautiful sunset inside the Grand Basin as we enjoyed our turkey wraps, cheese dip and crackers, olives (bleh! All for Brian!), chips, mints and wine. Yum! We even had a smart little duck that floated from boat to boat to get samples. There are several HUGE fountains inside the Grand Basin and it is just stunning. I used to think the Muny was the most romantic spot at night in St. Louis, but the Grand Basin at night on a paddle boat MAY top it. With the sun setting leaving the trees ink colored, the sound (and beauty!) of the fountains, cute little ducks and a cute Brian... it was a sweet night. 

And, another bonus? The Art Museum faces the Grand Basin, and just adds to the general beauty. Forest Park is one of my favorite places. 

And, just for you pleasure. A close up of us. ha! I have SO many empty frames in my house since the divorce, maybe I need to stick this photo in one of them! ;)
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