Curly Crafty Mom: Tower Grove Park Wade Pool and Fountains

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tower Grove Park Wade Pool and Fountains

After enjoying the market at Tower Grove this last Saturday, I let the kids enjoy the wade pool and fountains. I got some really sweet photos of my favorite boy.

And girl.

It was a lot of fun, and the water was bath tub warm... it was really relaxing to watch the kids play while enjoying the warm water on my legs and footsies! Ahh! Plus, the weather was in the 90's (not 100+) so it actually felt cooler! Isn't that weird? Here I am with the kids, we are ready to jump in! Not that there is much water to jump into... but, it was all in fun for them.

The kids jumping in...

Fish Nathan

I love this candid shot of Autumn jumping in, with her little tutu flying up in the air.

Autumn loves the swing... she had me push her on it for over an hour. At least I got a one armed workout.

You might remember from last year, when we went to this park, right after we shopped the market, a storm rolled in... we were sitting in the car waiting for it to stop so the kids could enjoy the wade pool... and, lightning came down into the playground and struck a tree! Nathan still has a big piece of bark in his room that was stripped of the tree from the lightning bolt. It was crazy! Here is the tree.

Autumn looking up at the tree that was struck by lightning. Love her concerned face.

While the kids were playing on the playground, it was announced that the ice cream truck that had just pulled up was giving away free icecream... it was the owner's birthday, and her husband and kids had planned it. It was SUCH a nice token from strangers! They even gave the adults ice cream!
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