Curly Crafty Mom: Tower Grove Park's Saturday Morning Farmers Market

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tower Grove Park's Saturday Morning Farmers Market

Last Summer, I took the kids to Tower Grove park for the first time to play in their wade pool and fountains, but a storm popped up. We didn't even get to enjoy the Farmer's Market entirely, because they packed up as quick as the storm clouds rolled in. So, this year... I wanted a repeat, darnit! And, with the temps being in the 108's, the 90's felt pretty cool today! Seriously, it was like we were having a cool wave.

Whenever I go to the market, I want me some ripe and juicy TOMATOES! And, I found some HUGE beafsteak tomatoes, yellow maters, cherries... oh, I was a happy girl. I won't tell you how much I spent on tomatoes alone. Its a little... uh. Well, a girl has to have what makes her happy. Actually, the prices weren't really too bad for the quality and size!

This little girl loves tomatoes too. The baby ones, as she calls them.

They even had crepes! I didn't have one, though...

After we got home, I wanted to take a picture of some of our stash. Notice the cherry tomatoes are almost gone, that was our second crate. Yum!

Tired girl resting her head on the melon.

I took so many pictures! Stay tuned for wade/fountain pictures soon. :)
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