Curly Crafty Mom: August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

End of August wrap up.

In August:

1. In August I ran 13.5 miles. My year-to-date mileage is at 349.03 miles.
(July: 52.12, June: 41.25, May: 32.3, April: 47.3 miles, March: 69.05 miles, February: 57 miles, and in January: 36.51 miles)

2. I read two books this month: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Little Bee. I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo mostly on the flight from Paris to St. Louis, and Little Bee I read an entire weekend I was sick. I am not sure if I will read the next two books to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... it took me awhile to really get into the book, and it also was pretty dark. Maybe in time I will, but for now I have other books I'd rather read. I would like to see the movie, though, as I always read the book before seeing the movie! Little Bee was probably THE BEST book I have read this year... loved the writing style, loved the story... even though, it was quite disturbing in some parts. The ending unfortuantly was so-so, maybe because it was so abrupt, even though it made perfect sense to me.

3. Went to PARIS. Paris was amazing, I want to go back. I finally finished up all of my Paris blog posts, hope you all enjoyed! It took me forever to go through all of my photos and decide which to share.

4. I got engaged in Paris, to my first boyfriend, my first kiss and to the perfect man for me.     âme sœur

5. Started planning a Fall wedding! We booked our venue this month at Moulin Events.

6. Nathan started 1st grade, and the homework has been abundant.

7. Nathan started soccer.

8. Nathan joined Tiger scouts.

9. Nathan lost his first tooth at school.

10. Autumn started Preschool 3 and LOVES it.

11. I am training for 3 races... Warrior Dash (September), Go! Halloween 10K ((October(my third year!)) and the Disney Wine and Dine (November).

12. I turned 35.

- -

And, how I am doing on my resolutions...

(1) Grow in my faith - Still reading my Once a Day Bible... but, since August was SO busy, I am several weeks behind. Trying to get caught up.

(2) Friendships - No outings with friends in August! We do have a lunch and shopping trip planned in September, though!

(3) Risks - Not being afraid to move my life forward, to not be afraid to commit again... 

(4) Quality time with my kids - August has been a busy month. Yet, there has still been quality time built in. WeI took the kids to the Magic House after their first day of school, and we went to Union Station and enjoyed fresh fudge and the paddle boats. Lots of time for hugs.

(5) Time to myself each week that isn't BUSY time. Recharge time. This was SO easy to do in the summer, because J and I rotated the kids every other week. Now that we are back on the school schedule, I have the kids almost all the time. I am responsible for Nathan to learn his homework and special school projects, all doctor visits, etc. Its A LOT. I feel after this first month, though, we are transitioning back into a comfortable routine. I hope to have some ME time, soon.

(6) Pursuing my interests: Going to Paris was a BIG one, I had always dreamt of seeing this city, the art museums, the Eiffel tower, etc... and, I FINALLY did it. I also overcame my fear of flying internationally. Being on that big jet was actually a lot less scary then some of those smaller jets! Training for my upcoming races.

(7) Meals - This seems to be going better, and Nathan is becoming a lot less picky (growth spurt?). It also helps that Brian has been BBQ'ing for us, some!

(8) Mornings. I hate mornings. Try to be better about getting up on time. - Hmph. No comment.

(9) Finish my accumulating to-do list (its another blog!). - My 100 to do list is down to 23 ITEMS! I wanted to paint my Master bathroom, but had to post pone that due to having the kids 3 weekends in a row. Hope to paint it this Fall!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paddleboats at Union Station

Nathan has been wanting to go paddle boating ever since I told him that Brian and I went paddle boating one evening during the summer. So, instead of going to the Boat House, we decided to take the kids paddle boating at Union Station.




On the way to the boats, the kids noticed all of the pretty koi fish, so we stopped to feed them.


Autumn was a little nervous about the boat at first, but she got over it quickly. Then, she wanted to hold my wristlet and keys while on the boat, and I told her no... because, I didn't want it to land up overboard. ;) 


The boys boat. They kept trying to race and bump into us. Boys will be boys. Ha, ha!!!

A friendly turtle friend we saw while paddling


After the paddle boats, we went inside Union Station. I remember my Dad used to work downtown at the Post Office, and he took us to Union Station every year. We always went to The Fudgery.The sing to you and give you a little sample on a spoon while they make fudge.

Then we walked around Union Station a bit... Autumn sure got her exercise, running her little legs off! (Don't you worry, I kept a VERY close eye on her! Autumn the Explorer!)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nathan Loses His First Tooth!

So, I am at work one afternoon and my Mom sends me a text that Nathan came home with something BIG today. I am wondering, what in the world could it be? Did he make me something? Of course, as soon as I got to my Mom's, THIS was thrown in front of me. Yes, yes, Nathan finally lost his FIRST tooth! I was so excited, minus the icky tooth that was thrown in this little baggy, but still, it was Nathan's first tooth he lost, so YAY for him! He told me he was eating at lunch and he lost it then. So glad he didn't eat it! Of course, he got to put his name on the poster on his teacher's door that said he lost a tooth, and the first lost tooth for the school year in his class! Yay, Nathan!

The tooth fairy did not forget Nathan!

The tooth fairy was very generous, he left sweet, innocent Nathan with $6 (since he is 6) and a small lego car. Yes, I do realize this is very generous. But, don't blame me, I put Brian in charge of it, and he had no idea the going rate was only 50 cents! LOL! I am thinking for the rest of his teeth (tooth fairy cannot go broke!) he will get a state quarter, to go in his state quarter book.

Nathan got very upset about the tooth fairy 'taking' his tooth. He did not know what to think about this, and actually even cried over it. So, the tooth fairy left him behind a receipt. I know, I know, its made out of playdoh, but I did find some really cute tooth receipts on Pinterest that I'll use next time... its just, this tooth fell out on a very busy night, and that this was the best tooth receipt the tooth fairy could come up with! I am going to have Nathan keep all of his tooth receipts, and then he will get his teeth back in a baby jar (my Mom did this, I know, ew!) after he loses his last tooth.

Of course, Nathan was up quite early (I was still in the shower, of course) to see what the tooth fairy had left him. I had to quickly get a shot of him while I was dripping wet in my robe! But, here is the happy, toothless boy! He actually has another tooth growing in that spot, it was growing behind his baby tooth. So, he will have a tooth back in that spot soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Library Night at the Magic House 2012

The best prize (in my opinion) that the kids get with the Library Reading Program, is a selection of nights to visit the Magic House. These nights are usually a lot less crowded, because only children that finished the Library Reading Program are allowed in. The only night that worked for us (they have about 8 to pick from) was the night of the kids first day of school. It was kind of a treat for them, but it was also a little tiring (for me, mostly!) since I was trying to get back into the swing of work and school after getting back from Paris. The Magic House has had this 'hall of mirrors' for quite awhile... I think even since I've been a kid. Its always fun to walk through...

They had a Pioneer Days exhibit, and of course, Auttie found a baby that needed some love and rocking.

On their wagon horse ride

Nathan and Autumn in the hospital tent... ha, ha! Not sure if they are being good patients!

Men love their machines.

Nathan (and Autumn) could have played in this gravel pit forevers.

Autumn found an area at the Magic House she just ADORED. The vet clinic. They had cages on one wall filled with dogs, and on the other wall with cats.

They had a real blower with foot pedal.

I love this photo of Autumn in the vet coat. I really think Autumn will have a job someday where she will tend to people (or, perhaps animals, but that may not be in her future with her asthma!). She is just so caring, it was so sweet to watch her console and pet these little furry stuffed animals while she took care of them. We spent an entire hour in the vet clinic (while Nathan was outside with Brian doing the fake fishing pond, which I didn't get any photos of, but have in the past!).

First Day of School!

After Paris, I had a weekend with the kids... and, then, school started mid-week at full-force! Here I am with the kids on the front porch. My babies are getting SO big! I should have done the sign everyone is doing with their kids that says what grade they are going into... especially with Autumn since it is her first year. Oh well! 


Nathan and Autumn. Autumn is holding my little owl rock I got at Mobot. She loves that thing!

Back side of their school bags. 

Being silly

First we dropped off Autumn. I wish we had more time to spend with her, but we had to drop off Nathan, too! Here she is putting her book bag up. It was a lot easier with Autumn starting her first year then Nathan, because we are familiar with the school and the teachers. She had her teacher for vacation bible school this summer, and we saw her at t-ball (her son plays and her daughter is Autumn's age and will be in Autumn's class) and at church. Its not like it was with Nathan where we felt like we were dropping him off with a bunch of strangers! Autumn also has a little boyfriend in her class, Caleb, who she knows because his big sister is in Nathan's class.

When we left Autumn she looked like this... a little nervous, a little scared. When we peaked back in her room after we dropped off Nathan, she was doing just fine! And, she loves school!

Next we dropped off Mr. Nathan. Here he is after hanging up his backpack.

And, here he is at his desk! Nathan has homework this year! Every week he has 12 spelling words and a bible verse. Every month a special project. And, a Math sheet to fill out most days after school. He has even had a Science Test that she sent home a study guide on along with his text book. I don't remember this in 1st grade!! Man, how times have changed! We are into one month of school (this blog post is very late!) and he has made straight A's, not to brag, but I have been working with him a lot! I want to set the bar high for him now so that he wants to continue to do good.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blessing of the Backpacks

The Sunday before school started, Nathan and Autumn participated in the Blessing of the Backpacks at church... following by a BBQ and school tour of the classrooms.

The kids are sporting Dora and Star Wars Legos backpacks this year.

At the BBQ, we bought some Spirit Wear... for the Winter, for sure, because it is still hot out there! Here is Nathan at his desk in his new Spirit Wear.

They built a platform in front of the Smart Board, so they students can reach it. Here is Autumn dancing on the platform. She cannot wait until dance class starts!!

Nathan's teacher has a Lost Tooth poster on her door, and since I am blogging late... I know, for a fact, that Nathan got his name on this chart first, for losing a tooth during lunch!

Then, we went down to Autumn's Preschool 3 room. We didn't stay long, because we had a Preschool night to go to the next evening. She loves her babies, though! Can you tell?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vlasis Park

The weekend before school started, I decided to take the kids to visit one of the parks on our Summer Bucket List. Plus, Nathan was due for his back to school hair cut at the Hairy Elephant, which is not far from the park. Other bonuses at this park? Water fountains AND FISHING. Autumn only cared about the park having swings.

I had to take this photo of Auttie's little curls, she was leaning her head back while swinging

Nathan was so excited to go fishing for the second time... we might actually go back this weekend so he can fish again. There were bigger fish in the lake here then at Suson. Nathan caught two trout fish and a crappie. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the fish, since I was busy watching Autumn on the playground. Boo!

Little Auttie watching the boys at work.

I wasn't real crazy about the water play at Vlasis... it was ok, maybe it was just a little disappointing since we had just gone to the water fountains and baths at Tower Grove. They had sort of a rectangular area, where it was just jets that would come on for about 10 minutes, every 25 minutes or so. Autumn was a lot more interested in the playground, although, I am sure it is nice on super hot days when the kids need to cool off.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 35 to me!

On the way home from Paris, our first flight went fine... and, we got into Philadelphia on time. Our second flight from Philadelphia to St. Louis was canceled, and we landed up taking a flight to Louisville, Kentucky and driving 5 hours home! It really sucked big time! We got home I think at 4am on my birthday. I did not get the kids back from J until 5:30pm, so I slept and did laundry most of the day. I was pretty tired! And, remember, I was still on Paris time! That evening, Brian got a little ice cream cake and we celebrated my birthday with the kids.

Growing up, in college, my friend Sara and I would always talk about what age we would choose to be stuck on, if we could pick an age to stop 'aging' at. Sort of, the 'best' age to be. This was always 35 for me, for her it was 32. I must say, at 22 when I had this conversation with Sara, I always sort of thought my life would be 'all figured out' at 35. Maybe life would be easy to figure out if it did not include change (set by me/set by the universe), but I have realized I will never have it all figured out. And, that is ok. Maybe if I had life all figured out, I would be happy, or bored... who knows. But, there are always detours and bumps. Good ones and bad. I haven't lived my 35th year yet, but I will say... I just don't think it is possible to pick a best age to be. Why? Because, how can you decide that, when there are so many better years to come. Life is about growing, and... for me, 35 is not where it all stops at. For all I know, 80 may be my best year. :)

The cake was from Baskin Robbins, and was really good. Half chocolate cake and half vanilla ice cream.

Brian gave me these beautiful flowers for my birthday, so a colorful arrangement.

We also gave the kids these fun souvenirs from Paris the next day, as they were in Brian's suitcase, that did not land up on our plane to Louisville.
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