Curly Crafty Mom: Monet's Garden - Flower Photos, and Lunch at the Moulin de Fourges

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monet's Garden - Flower Photos, and Lunch at the Moulin de Fourges

Here are some photos of flowers in Monet's Garden. The gardens I saw in Paris (Monet's Garden, Versailles and Jardin du Luxembourg) are the prettiest gardens I have ever, ever seen. I am not sure if its the climate there, or what... but, its just amazingly beautiful. These photos do not even do justice. But, I did have fun playing with my camera to take these...









After Monet's Garden we headed to the Moulin de Fourges for lunch, it was this beautiful old mill on the banks of the Epte River. They served foie gras for an appetizer (Brian tried, I just couldn't), then we had duck (told myself the entire time I was eating it, that it was chicken, it was just chicken... Brian agreed with me, I was eating chicken... until, of course, we walked out, we agreed I had just ate duck.. ((Brian KNEW it was duck the whole time.)) EW!), then for dessert an apple pie tart. They also served two kinds of wine (AGAIN) for lunch, I totally passed on the wine and stuck to water. I had to stay awake! There was a couple from New York that we talked to during lunch, the lady gave me a very nice compliment, when I told her I had two kids she said, WOW, I thought you were in college! Ha, ha! (If only she knew, I am 35, not 20!).

Me by the Mill

Sleepy cows.
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