Curly Crafty Mom: Paris Day 5 - Angers Castle

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paris Day 5 - Angers Castle

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First, off, isn't this a beautiful bouquet? I love it. We have set a wedding date and are moving forward with all of the planning. We are meeting with a florist next week, she is so terrific and I hope she works out so we can use her for our wedding flowers. This bouquet was done by her, and I love it! Ok, now back to Paris... I have TWO more posts to do on Paris... then, I am going to try to get this blog back to the present again! I am so behind!

Our fifth day in Paris, we decided to take a high speed TGF train (we were going 178 mph according to Brian's gps) out of Paris into the countryside to a peaceful town called Angers. Our main objective in Angers was to see the Angers castle, as I had never seen a castle before, and Brian had never seen a French castle. I will say, the train tickets were not cheap... I think we spent $200 Euro for a round trip, and we got the coach/basic seats. I actually overheard a guy on the train say that Americans need to move to the moon, and let everyone else live their lives how they want to down here! Umm, yeah, he really said that!

On our way to the castle we saw the Saint Laud church, such a beautiful sounding church, we heard its bells several times while walking to the castle and while up in the top of the castle towers. The sky was the deepest blue, probably the deepest blue I can ever remember seeing in the sky... so beautiful, so peaceful.


Here we both are at the entrance of the castle

Map of the castle. Brian told me that Angers is a fairly small castle, I thought it was pretty big, but I have no other castle to compare it to...

View of the chapel from the tower

You can sort of see an elaborate garden on the side of this picture

Several towers and their batters

Side of the castle that faces the Maine River


Photos of the Maine river that flows on one side of the castle... this river is as calm and peaceful as the Seine river.

Castle and bridge

This was the courtyard we walked into as soon as we entered the castle


The Gatehouse (the part protecting the outer and inner parts of the castle)


Chapel inside the castle

Love this photo I took of the sun peaking through the stain glass windows

Love the greenery around this tower

Climbing up the towers was a little challenging, figuring none of the steps were level...

Love the terracotta on these rooftops


They even had a garden on the top of the wall!

Love how all these wild flowers and grasses look together

Brian at the top


After touring the castle, we went down and viewed the tapestry (there was a vast amount of pieces) on the Apocalypse. Then we enjoyed a delicious ham and cheese crepe, and a chocolate crepe at a sidewalk crepe cafe.
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