Curly Crafty Mom: Second Day in Paris - Monet's Garden

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Second Day in Paris - Monet's Garden

Our second day in Paris, we rose early because we had to be at the shuttle bus for our Tour to Monet's Garden and Versailles by 8:15am. And, to get there, we had to walk, take the subway, and walk quite a bit more to get to the tour site. We were up so early, we were the first ones at breakfast at the hotel. The hotel had a great spread for breakfast, including juices, cereal with bits of chocolate in them, fresh fruit, runny scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, soggy bacon, spread of cheeses and meats, yogurts, etc.

There was also a station with all kinds of pastries and breads... a heaping basket of croissants! We also got our choice of hot beverage, and we got hot chocolate everyday (they had hot tea, coffee, etc.)

Sugar selection often found at your table in Paris.

On our walk to the subway I took some pictures of the Paris architecture.

Different perspective.

I took this picture for Nathan, he LOVES skeletons.

We saw posters for this movie EVERYWHERE in Paris. Too funny. This was in the subway.

Subway. We rode on the subway A LOT. 

We found our tour bus and off we went to Givenchy, where Monet's Garden is at. We went under the bridge where Princess Di died, that was quite sad. Then, honestly, I slept the rest of the way there. I was SO jet-lagged, I so wanted to see the French country side but I could not keep my eyeballs open for the life of me. Oh, I hope I didn't snore on the bus! Hee! Here is the entrance to Monet's Garden and you can see his house in the background.

Monet's House. We couldn't take pictures of the inside of the house, but there wasn't much in the house to really photograph. Just a lot of uncomfortable looking beds, my favorite was probably the views of the garden from his bedroom and kitchen. He did have a HUGE canary yellow painted kitchen and the table in the kitchen was pretty massive, too. 

Some verrry pampered chickens at the side of the house.

Water lily pond. You can see the green bridge you'll find in many of Monet's water lily paintings. The area around the house was split up into the garden area and the water lily pond area. I am going to do a separate blog post on the flowers I took pictures of in the garden, because I have SO many photos it is best to put them in a single blog post.

Another view of the water lily pond.

One last view of the water lily pond.

Never seen such smooth running water in a stream. It was beautiful. Like moving glass.

Closeup of the waterlillies.

Me, on Monet's Bridge. THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! Like I stepped into one of Monet's paintings. I was all smiles! Too bad I look so gosh darn tired in all of the Paris photos, a girl needs her beauty sleep, and I was a girl that was jet lagged!

Closeup of the bridge.

We saw all kinds of snails crawling on leaves. I took this for my little snail lover, Nathan.
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