Curly Crafty Mom: The Paris Engagement (Finally!) :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Paris Engagement (Finally!) :)

Sooo. Remember back to the tour at Monet's Garden (we are still on day 2 in Paris, gosh I took too many photos, or maybe we did too many things! ha!)? Well, after the tour of Monet's Garden and Versailles, we headed back to our hotel. What did I see when I opened the door? This! Roses, lilies and even lily pads! 

And, a card that said, "To the most beautiful flower in Paris, your own little garden. More surprises tonight, my love."

We had to wait for the lilies to bloom, and even some of the roses... but, before we left I had a lot of beautiful flowers to look at in our room. Brian tried to see if he could ship the rose bushes home (he had asked for cut flowers, but they gave us rose bushes!) and they couldn't. Here is one of the pretty roses in bloom. Brian calls me Rose a lot, because I love roses.

We had an hour (only) to kill before dinner, and Brian told me he had arranged transportation so we would not have to walk and take the subway. I was thrilled, because I was SO tired from the tours that morning, and I wanted to wear heels. We had dinner inside the Eiffel tower planned for that evening and silly me, all I wanted to do was cancel so I could sleep! I was jet-lagged, tired, and sleepy from a quick nap... we actually made our 'transportation' wait for 10 minutes while I got ready super fast. Well, the transportation turned out to be a LIMO! And, here I am in this limo...! We got a tour of Paris in the limo with a bottle of bubbly, and this was one of my most FAVORITE parts of our trip. It was relaxing, and we got a lot of views of famous sites in Paris, and we kept getting glimpses of the Eiffel tower. It was very romantic! And, Brian had his iPad going with all of our favorite songs!

Next thing I knew, the limo stopped infront of the Eiffel tower, Brian ushered me out. And, BAM. I was surrounded by a MOB of people taking our picture, a violenist starts playing music (I really had to take a double glance, because I wasn't sure if he was playing for US or if he was just a street vendor- turned out he was there for US!) and Brian asks me to dance... we danced to our first song (we ever danced to)- Its a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. then, Brian ushered a bunch of words that I cannot even remember (don't worry, I asked him to repeat them at dinner, but then he told me he had it all planned out what he was going to say, but then got nervous and he couldn't remember what he said! ha, ha! So, he told me what he thought he said.) and he was down on one knee with a very sparkly ring. People started taking our pictures, people I don't even know, but that have a photo of Brian proposing and I DON'T (dang, why didn't I ask someone to take a picture!). Then, Brian exclaims I screamed YES! right away and that was that!

Wowee, this is not a great shot of my hand, but here is the ring, and I love it! I wish I had grown my nails out a bit and polished them, but oh well!

We had dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel inside the Eiffel tower. It took awhile to get inside to get inside the Eiffel tower (well, we had to wait in line, take an elevator up to the restaurant) and sat down and here was the view from our table. Gorgeous!

Picture of me right after we sat down. I look just a little happy. Ha!

And, a picture of Brian. Hey, we were bored while waiting to order!

And, another picture of me. Because, who knows when I'll wear this new dress from Express again.

Ahhhhhh. More food pictures. Sorry. This was a freebie before the appetizer, compliments from the chef. A gazpacho. They love gazpacho in Paris. Its funny, because I LOVE gazpacho! I make homemade gazpacho all the time!

Shrimp appetizer. So good. I wish it was a bigger serving!

Duck with a mushroom sauce, I think we had a side of mashed potatoes but I can't recall.

Dessert #1 (yes, they brought out two desserts!)

Dessert #2. Those little hamburger looking cookies were all over Paris in little dessert shops. They were delish! Sorry, I don't know what they are called.

After dinner, the elevator was so crowded, we walked up the rest of the way to the top of the Eiffel tower (we also walked back down, I was sore the next day!). Here is a view from the top.

Me and Brian at the top, I guess this is our engagement photo! And, I took this!

WOW, the flash washed out my face on this photo... but, here is my dress!

After being at the top, we headed back down... step by step. Walking down all those steps in heels was quite a work out. Or should I say challenge? Here is the best photo I got of the Eiffel tower after we got back down, with the special twinkly lights going. I love this photo. This is what I will miss about Paris, the Eiffel tower all lit up while it literally sparkles in the sky with thousands (maybe more) of white lights that flicker on and off. I must see this again someday!

One last photo of the Eiffel tower, all aglow! I will cherish these photos, and this special night with my new fiance, Brian!
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