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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whistle Stop

Some of you may be wondering where I have been... well, last week I went to PARIS! And, some of you may be wondering when I am going to start blogging about my Paris trip. Well, I have a couple of blog posts to get out of the way before I start on my Paris posts (which, there will be a lot, hope that is ok!)... I am just a little behind... and, trying to get over being jet-lagged AND school starts on Wednesday for both kids, so its just been overall BUSY here.

Before Paris,  I took the kids to The Whistle Stop. It was actually one of items on our summer bucket list. Its in North County, and I never even knew it existed until I was searching on Google for kids and train places. Its an old train station that is now an ice cream shop near train tracks that are still in use!

The inside is really neat, there are little trains on top of the original ticket stand.

We even got a boarding pass number for when our ice cream would be ready.

The ice cream was really good... Autumn got a cone, Nathan got a hot fudge sundae... I forget what Brian got, but I got ice cream on top of a hot chocolate cake slice, and the cake under the ice cream was amazingly fresh! YUM!

Here the kids are looking out the back window at the train tracks... unfortunately, a train never came by. We asked and they said one comes by every hour and a half, and there is always one that comes at 3pm and 8pm. We got there at 3:30pm and never saw one and we were there over an hour! Oh well! It was still fun!

Next to the store there some cabooses the kids can climb on and it provides some fun photo opps!





Photos I took while playing around with my camera
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