Curly Crafty Mom: Ballet Cutie

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ballet Cutie

Autumn LOVES to smile BIG. And, Miss Autumn LOVES dance class! She had her first dance class yesterday, and she was just so excited! She had been wearing her little tap shoes around the house for weeks, playing dress up with all of my old dance recital outfits... this is why I love this girl SO much.

I love this photo, just how Autumn is walking into her classroom, carrying her shoe bag outright, so girly. The little girl in the class crying is Autumn's friend, her brother plays on Nathan's soccer team. Autumn was so brave, they close the door and the parents sit outside without watching. It was nice because they had long tables set up with stools for the kids to work on homework outside the studio rooms, so we worked with Nathan on his homework.

One of the requirements of the class is to have them arrive with their hair in a bun (I saw a lot of girls in her class with pony tails) so I found a bun-dini (can't remember the name) at the dance supply store. It took me 1 minute to make this perfect bun! And, her hair is really fine, and it all stayed put, this photo was taken AFTER her class.

Isn't it pretty? I want to get one for me! They had a larger size for adults there.

After class, she showed me her hand stamp. 

Mommy, please, can I come back next week?!!
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