Curly Crafty Mom: Happy 35 to me!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 35 to me!

On the way home from Paris, our first flight went fine... and, we got into Philadelphia on time. Our second flight from Philadelphia to St. Louis was canceled, and we landed up taking a flight to Louisville, Kentucky and driving 5 hours home! It really sucked big time! We got home I think at 4am on my birthday. I did not get the kids back from J until 5:30pm, so I slept and did laundry most of the day. I was pretty tired! And, remember, I was still on Paris time! That evening, Brian got a little ice cream cake and we celebrated my birthday with the kids.

Growing up, in college, my friend Sara and I would always talk about what age we would choose to be stuck on, if we could pick an age to stop 'aging' at. Sort of, the 'best' age to be. This was always 35 for me, for her it was 32. I must say, at 22 when I had this conversation with Sara, I always sort of thought my life would be 'all figured out' at 35. Maybe life would be easy to figure out if it did not include change (set by me/set by the universe), but I have realized I will never have it all figured out. And, that is ok. Maybe if I had life all figured out, I would be happy, or bored... who knows. But, there are always detours and bumps. Good ones and bad. I haven't lived my 35th year yet, but I will say... I just don't think it is possible to pick a best age to be. Why? Because, how can you decide that, when there are so many better years to come. Life is about growing, and... for me, 35 is not where it all stops at. For all I know, 80 may be my best year. :)

The cake was from Baskin Robbins, and was really good. Half chocolate cake and half vanilla ice cream.

Brian gave me these beautiful flowers for my birthday, so a colorful arrangement.

We also gave the kids these fun souvenirs from Paris the next day, as they were in Brian's suitcase, that did not land up on our plane to Louisville.
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