Curly Crafty Mom: Library Night at the Magic House 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Library Night at the Magic House 2012

The best prize (in my opinion) that the kids get with the Library Reading Program, is a selection of nights to visit the Magic House. These nights are usually a lot less crowded, because only children that finished the Library Reading Program are allowed in. The only night that worked for us (they have about 8 to pick from) was the night of the kids first day of school. It was kind of a treat for them, but it was also a little tiring (for me, mostly!) since I was trying to get back into the swing of work and school after getting back from Paris. The Magic House has had this 'hall of mirrors' for quite awhile... I think even since I've been a kid. Its always fun to walk through...

They had a Pioneer Days exhibit, and of course, Auttie found a baby that needed some love and rocking.

On their wagon horse ride

Nathan and Autumn in the hospital tent... ha, ha! Not sure if they are being good patients!

Men love their machines.

Nathan (and Autumn) could have played in this gravel pit forevers.

Autumn found an area at the Magic House she just ADORED. The vet clinic. They had cages on one wall filled with dogs, and on the other wall with cats.

They had a real blower with foot pedal.

I love this photo of Autumn in the vet coat. I really think Autumn will have a job someday where she will tend to people (or, perhaps animals, but that may not be in her future with her asthma!). She is just so caring, it was so sweet to watch her console and pet these little furry stuffed animals while she took care of them. We spent an entire hour in the vet clinic (while Nathan was outside with Brian doing the fake fishing pond, which I didn't get any photos of, but have in the past!).
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