Curly Crafty Mom: My little flower girl...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My little flower girl...

I have been looking forward to taking Autumn to get her flower girl dress for months (ok, two months, to be exact). I pictured this beautiful afternoon, of us looking through girly girl dresses, finding the perfect dress. Well, Autumn WAS beautiful, but it was not the perfect afternoon. I had my Mom along to help, but instead of Autumn wanting to look through dresses, she wanted to run up and down the aisles in the store and hide from me (until, I told her that wasn't acceptable). Nathan wanted to hide under Autumn's fluffy skirts of the dresses she tried on. Uh, NO. Then, he wanted to lay all over the floor and roll around... UGHHH. Autumn got into a dressing room and only wanted to try on this one ugly dress she picked out. (She was doing this to bug me, trust me, she knows how to push my buttons!) Then, she wouldn't let me take it off to try on other dresses. Then, when I did get it off her she just wanted to lay on it. Then, finally, I got her in another dress and she wouldn't come out to show Grandma... oh, I could go on :) Finally, we finished up and the consultant helping us disappeared for 30 minutes! Luckily, by that time, another girl that was Autumn's age was there with her Mom (who was trying on bridal gowns ALONE, her girl is an angel!) and Autumn and her played and it was actually enjoyable. Ahhhh, 3 year olds. One minute they are so sweet, another they are... well, a child. :o)- Even my Mom was like, what is with them?!! Of course, Autumn came down with a cold later that evening, I am blaming that! And, Nathan had a cold (the one she caught). And, we had a busy morning of selling popcorn at church AND Sunday school. So, of course she was tired for trying on dresses!!

Ruffles are in... BIG time. I really think this dress could eat her.

Autumn kept calling this the pink dress, even though its not pink... This is the beautiful smile she kept giving me for pictures. ha!

And, finally. THE DRESS!!! I love this dress, and so does Autumn! What is nice is it fits her perfectly, no fitting appointment or extra costs, and I won't even need to get  her a necklace due to it tying behind her neck in the back. She LOVES the dress, too, and we will match with our pick up skirts. SO excited.

Love this little shot of her checking herself out in her beautiful new dress in the mirror.
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