Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan Loses His First Tooth!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nathan Loses His First Tooth!

So, I am at work one afternoon and my Mom sends me a text that Nathan came home with something BIG today. I am wondering, what in the world could it be? Did he make me something? Of course, as soon as I got to my Mom's, THIS was thrown in front of me. Yes, yes, Nathan finally lost his FIRST tooth! I was so excited, minus the icky tooth that was thrown in this little baggy, but still, it was Nathan's first tooth he lost, so YAY for him! He told me he was eating at lunch and he lost it then. So glad he didn't eat it! Of course, he got to put his name on the poster on his teacher's door that said he lost a tooth, and the first lost tooth for the school year in his class! Yay, Nathan!

The tooth fairy did not forget Nathan!

The tooth fairy was very generous, he left sweet, innocent Nathan with $6 (since he is 6) and a small lego car. Yes, I do realize this is very generous. But, don't blame me, I put Brian in charge of it, and he had no idea the going rate was only 50 cents! LOL! I am thinking for the rest of his teeth (tooth fairy cannot go broke!) he will get a state quarter, to go in his state quarter book.

Nathan got very upset about the tooth fairy 'taking' his tooth. He did not know what to think about this, and actually even cried over it. So, the tooth fairy left him behind a receipt. I know, I know, its made out of playdoh, but I did find some really cute tooth receipts on Pinterest that I'll use next time... its just, this tooth fell out on a very busy night, and that this was the best tooth receipt the tooth fairy could come up with! I am going to have Nathan keep all of his tooth receipts, and then he will get his teeth back in a baby jar (my Mom did this, I know, ew!) after he loses his last tooth.

Of course, Nathan was up quite early (I was still in the shower, of course) to see what the tooth fairy had left him. I had to quickly get a shot of him while I was dripping wet in my robe! But, here is the happy, toothless boy! He actually has another tooth growing in that spot, it was growing behind his baby tooth. So, he will have a tooth back in that spot soon!
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