Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's ALL ABOUT ME Poster

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nathan's ALL ABOUT ME Poster

Nathan had his first big project (he has one every month) sent home in late August and was to be turned in the day they came back from Labor Day. When you look at it, you don't really think it is a lot of work... but, we spent A LOT of time on it, hours! I wanted it to be perfect, we did glitter on the stars, a lot of different mediums (colored pencils, crayons, markers) to add interest, etc. I am excited to say he got a perfect grade on it, yeah! He had to present 3 parts of it to the class, we practiced: I am special because I like coins, Favorite Animal: Frog and something I like to do at home: playing He-Man. He told me he DIDN'T talk about He-Man in class, even though we had practiced it. He talked about his favorite food, instead- apples... he was afraid no one would know what He-Man is!

I wanted to share a close up of some areas on the poster... this is Nathan's coins... we put the coins underneath the poster, and he took a crayon to rub over it to show the coins detail. Nathan collects coins. He rubbed over a regular nickel, a coin from a train station in Paris and a coin that was around before Jesus was born!

Nathan also wanted to show his favorite animal is a frog. Nathan has two pet frogs, Henry and Mater. We did a blue watercolor to represent water under the green crayon frog.

These show that Nathan loves Math (he loves googol, there is a book on it I saw for children that I need to get him) and He-Man.

We can't wait to see what October's special project will be!
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