Curly Crafty Mom: Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift

Friday, September 28, 2012

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift

Every month Nathan and Autumn's school donates money from chapel to a charity. For the month of October, they accepted money or gifts put in shoe boxes for children in certain age categories. On Christmas, the child will receive the shoe box filled with small toys, school supplies and bath/hygiene products.

Nathan wanted to gift a boy that is his age, so we selected a Boy from the 5-9 age catagory.

Then, we went shopping at Target and found a lot of goodies that Nathan would want (which would mean, this 5-9 year old would want them, too!) and bought just enough things to fill the shoe box. I tried to learn heavier on the fun side then the practical side... its Christmas! We got some small games, I splurged on a construction Lego set, toothbrush and toothpaste (Cars2), a notepad, a fun pencil/eraser/sharper set and some candy.

I used to LOVE this Pick Up Sticks game when I was a kid, I couldn't believe it was in Target's $1 spot. Of course, I grabbed another one for Nathan without him realizing it... it will make a good stocking stuffer later.

Closeup of the lego set.

Here is all of the stuff in the shoe box. It fit rather nicely.

I had Nathan write a letter to the child, and even put his address at the bottom of the letter. Nathan had to learn how to write his name and address (and our address is super duper long), so this was great practice! We hope to hear back from the child, but I am not sure if we will! I just hope he enjoys it and it puts a smile on his face on Christmas morning.
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