Curly Crafty Mom: Paddleboats at Union Station

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paddleboats at Union Station

Nathan has been wanting to go paddle boating ever since I told him that Brian and I went paddle boating one evening during the summer. So, instead of going to the Boat House, we decided to take the kids paddle boating at Union Station.




On the way to the boats, the kids noticed all of the pretty koi fish, so we stopped to feed them.


Autumn was a little nervous about the boat at first, but she got over it quickly. Then, she wanted to hold my wristlet and keys while on the boat, and I told her no... because, I didn't want it to land up overboard. ;) 


The boys boat. They kept trying to race and bump into us. Boys will be boys. Ha, ha!!!

A friendly turtle friend we saw while paddling


After the paddle boats, we went inside Union Station. I remember my Dad used to work downtown at the Post Office, and he took us to Union Station every year. We always went to The Fudgery.The sing to you and give you a little sample on a spoon while they make fudge.

Then we walked around Union Station a bit... Autumn sure got her exercise, running her little legs off! (Don't you worry, I kept a VERY close eye on her! Autumn the Explorer!)
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