Curly Crafty Mom: Vlasis Park

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vlasis Park

The weekend before school started, I decided to take the kids to visit one of the parks on our Summer Bucket List. Plus, Nathan was due for his back to school hair cut at the Hairy Elephant, which is not far from the park. Other bonuses at this park? Water fountains AND FISHING. Autumn only cared about the park having swings.

I had to take this photo of Auttie's little curls, she was leaning her head back while swinging

Nathan was so excited to go fishing for the second time... we might actually go back this weekend so he can fish again. There were bigger fish in the lake here then at Suson. Nathan caught two trout fish and a crappie. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the fish, since I was busy watching Autumn on the playground. Boo!

Little Auttie watching the boys at work.

I wasn't real crazy about the water play at Vlasis... it was ok, maybe it was just a little disappointing since we had just gone to the water fountains and baths at Tower Grove. They had sort of a rectangular area, where it was just jets that would come on for about 10 minutes, every 25 minutes or so. Autumn was a lot more interested in the playground, although, I am sure it is nice on super hot days when the kids need to cool off.
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