Curly Crafty Mom: Wedding Planning Post - Jilly's Cupcakes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Planning Post - Jilly's Cupcakes!

This is the first of many wedding planning posts that you may see... planning a wedding is so much fun, especially when it is small and intimate... and, you have a lot of help and suggestions from family and friends. A few weeks ago, we visited Jilly's, a cupcake bar on Delmar. Of course, Miss Autumn took a sweet little nap before we arrived, but she left on a cupcake sugar high. But, aren't sleeping babies (she's still my baby) SO precious? And, those cheap white sunglasses are her favorite right now.


Jilly's has two locations in St. Louis, their main location is where we had to go to meet with our cake planning coordinator. They also have a location in West County, but it is just a to-go counter. Their main location even serves brunch, which I have heard is REALLY good... we will definitely be back to try their brunch, and more of their cupcakes, when we have time after the wedding.

I have never watched Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, but apparently Jilly's won a cupcake war!


Once inside, you just have to admire the counter... with all the heavenly cupcakes just sitting there, smiling back at you.


We got to taste several cupcakes while we worked with the events coordinator on what sort of wedding cupcake tower we wanted. Nathan and Autumn got to try them all, too!


Our cupcake tower is going to be BEAUTIFUL. We are going to have a regular square sheet cake on the top shelf of the tower. It will be fondant, with orange roses to match my bouquet (my bouquet will be orange roses and white callas) on a white cake. The sides of this cake will have a scroll design to it (see the second photo) with some orange polka dots. The cake will be chocolate with a strawberry filling, that we will freeze and devour on our 1 year anniversary.

Then, on the next two shelves of the tower, we will have standard and mini cupcakes, with FRESH flower buds tucked around (but not in) the cupcakes. We picked two flavors for our cupcakes: white cake with whip cream filling, and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. The cupcakes will be iced white, and some of them will have orange fondant roses and some will have the scroll work with some tiny orange polka dots.

We cannot wait to see how the cupcake tower turns out, it is just something we created with the help of Jilly's and we will see it on our wedding day. I am super excited!
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