Curly Crafty Mom: 2012 - Warrior Dash

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 - Warrior Dash

For a few years now, I have wanted to run in a Warrior Dash... it seems every year there is a reason I cannot run in it, for instance, last year I had toe surgery (youch!). Finally, this year I was able to see what all the excitement was about... and, wow-a-weeeeee. It is sure something to experience! 
I would say I was tested on several levels... for one, trail running is so not street or tread-mill running. Two, I have a small fear of heights, and some of the obstacles were quite tall (15-20'?) and it was quite an experience to be up that high while crawling over nets or climbing over planks of wood with huge gaps in between. I will say, I tried not to look down, but I did... and, it made me feel a tad bit out of my comfort zone. I would say that the TALL obstacles, were the ones that were challenging. I will also say I did panic on one, and Brian had to help coach me through it.

There was a water and mud pit at the end, with barbed wire above your head... this was quite an adventure, because the mud at the bottom of the water was like quick sand. You couldn't really use your hands or feet to keep you up, because they would just keep sink-sink-sinking and there was just no bottom! So, you really had to keep going.

Jumping over the fire was something I was a little nervous about, but it was a piece of cake! No fire extinguisher needed! I can't wait until the race photos come in, there has got to be some fun shots.

Here I am, after the Warrior Dash! I am not sure if I feel completely worthy of this medal, but I did give the race my best... but, I think there is a whole lot I could have improved on, too! I did test myself and did what I did not think I could do... I am excited to be able to cross it off my Mondo list.

Brian's boss took this photo, and I met his boss for the first time ever covered in mud! Too funny! 

Here I am with my medal and Miller Lite.

I should have some more photos to post later once they become available. Stay tuned. :)
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