Curly Crafty Mom: Eckerts at Millstadt - Pumpkinland

Monday, October 22, 2012

Eckerts at Millstadt - Pumpkinland

Saturday was a busy, busy day! Brian had movers over on Saturday morning while I took the kids to soccer... and, if that wasn't fun enough, we decided to visit a new pumpkin farm that afternoon. We have been to Rombach, Stuckmeyers and Thies... so, why not try Eckerts next? There are 3 Eckerts, but I have heard the one in Millstadt has the BEST pumpkin festivities... and, oh boy, do they! Here we are upon arrival, the kids already loaded up in a wagon.

It was a beautiful day, the kids did not need coats and it wasn't too hot, either. There were a lot of photo opps... so, bear with me... I have A LOT of photos :) Here is the generic Eckerts photo.

We headed to the wagon to go pumpkin picking, but found out that we would also get a chance to go apple picking! I was a little excited, just because... I had wanted to go apple picking earlier this Fall, but we never had time to! Two in one is never bad! Here is a family photo... isn't Autumn adorable with her two apples?

Nathan went on a field trip to the Belleville Eckerts, so he had already apple picked... but, he still had fun!

Delicous! Love this photo!

Autumn LOVED apple picking, she did not want to stop! She could have picked ALL day long... The apples we picked were Fuji apples.

Autumn was a little apple picking machine!

Autumn likes her apples cut up WITHOUT the skin... argh, such a pain! But, she couldn't resist enjoying these fresh Fuji apples, skin and all!

After apple picking, we loaded up on the wagon again for pumpkin picking... We watched the tractor run over a few apples, it was sort of exciting to the kids. Ha!

LOVED this VIEW! We were in Illinois, so on the other side of the river, looking at the pumpkin patch, the fall colored trees and the arch and city of St. Louis in the background. Beautiful!

It was SO hard to get good photos of the kids together on this trip... TOO many distractions. This is about the best shot I got. Not too bad. Even though they insisted on having a pumpkin inbetween them.

Me and my little pumpkins

Nathan ran into his friend Dylan from school at the pumpkin patch


Nathan and some pumpkins he liked

Autumn and her corn

After the pumpkin patch, we enjoyed some of the other things that Eckerts had available... this one is all of us on a smaller wagon ride we went on. Brian and the kids look so cute in this family photo! :)

We saw pig races, that was a first for all of us

The kids road bikes on a trail

And the kids road some rides... all in all a GREAT time! We left around six, and there was a lot of things we didn't do... there was just TOO many things! Guess we will have to come back sometime!
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