Curly Crafty Mom: First Time Stitches.

Friday, October 12, 2012

First Time Stitches.

I always keep my cell phone on me everywhere I go, because both of my kids have asthma... so, when I got a call from the school on Wednesday morning, I figured... asthma. This is actually the first time ever that the school has called me, so of course my heart dropped. First the secretary told me that Nathan had hurt himself, and that she had Mrs. H right there to tell me what had happened. Of course, it was not good :( Nathan was on the pyramid bars at school and fell from the top bar and hit the bottom of his chin on a bar near the bottom. Result? Two gashes under his chin, they were really bleeding when Mrs. H called me but by the time I had got to the school, were better. Nathan wasn't crying but I could tell he was shook up from it. Poor boy.

So, we went to the DR office to confirm he needed stitches, he did, and off the the ER we went. They put this numbing 'gel' on his chin twice, then they gave him several numbing shots (which he was not aware of, by how they had him situated) and then started stitching him up. The doctor has to give him (sorry TMI) a bit of a 'liposuction' because some fat was hanging out of the larger triangular cut, it was really just a little bit... I had thought it was just his skin folded over, but it wasn't. After the stitches, Nathan got lunch (Lion's Choice, what a treat) and a Popsicle. I let him stay home from school the rest of the day, which resulted in about 5 homework sheets last night. Oh well. We are keeping a band aid on it while at school, but he is doing OK! Now I am so paranoid he will get hurt again on the playground, I know I need to relax. Nathan is not a wild child on the playground, either, so it was just a big surprise to me. Poor boy. :(

This isn't the best photo of Nathan, but he got to go to the Magic House for a field trip yesterday! At least the first day back to school after stitches, was a fun one!
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