Curly Crafty Mom: Wedding Hair, Makeup and Dress

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding Hair, Makeup and Dress

Every girl needs someone to do her hair and makeup for a wedding, and of course, I decided to go where every girl in St. Louis goes to get that done for a wedding. Ginger Bay in Kirkwood!


I even had a little help carrying my veil in... more like, she dragged me in with it. :) Autumn = Miss Bossy


Mom had her hair done elsewhere, but she decided to have her makeup done at Ginger Bay. Here was our schedule... Mom's makeup at 11:30, my makeup at 12:00, my hair at 12:30 and Autumn's hair at 12:30, too! AND, we were running such a tight schedule, because I needed to change into my dress at the hotel and be at Lafayette Park for photos by 2:00pm!


They made Mom look so pretty and young! :)


While Mom was getting her makeup done, another bridal party was leaving and the left their extra fruit and muffins for the kids to eat. How sweet! Then, Ginger Bay made the kids hot cocoas.


Next up, was me for my makeup


Nathan was wondering what this lady was doing to me! I was really pleased with how she did my makeup...


Next was my hair and Autumn's hair... I did not have time to flip through photos, so I had NO idea what I wanted my hair to look like... she gave me a few ideas, and we settled on an up-do that would cascade down one side towards one of my shoulders. 



Final result (minus veil) - I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED! It is just SO much fun to get your hair and makeup done... I wish I could do it more often! heheh!


Just another photo of my hair 


Nathan was quite a good boy while us girls got our services done. He spent a lot of time wiggling his loose tooth...


And hiding his head so he wouldn't get tortured with getting his hair done (not that he has much, which I tried to tell him!)

Autumn sat sort of catty corner from me, so we could both see each other getting our hair done at the same time. She had this really excited, sort of 'I'm a big girl!' smile on her face the entire time. She just LOVED getting her hair done like her Momma! 

At first, I had thought I wanted her hair all up, but the stylist decided it'd be best to put it partially up, because then if she got her hair a little messed up, it wouldn't look too bad since some of it would be down already. I requested BIG curls, and BIG curls she got!

Final result. I loved it!


After getting Ginger Bay, we raced to the hotel to meet up with everyone else... Becky helped me get into my dress and she also bustled it for me so it wouldn't drag too much for the upcoming park pictures.

I love this photo of me and the kids at the hotel.

AND, off we went to the park for photos!
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