Curly Crafty Mom: Annual Halloween Party

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Annual Halloween Party


Last weekend we headed over to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy's for a fabulous BBQ Halloween party! Unfortunately, my parents were unable to make it last minute due to Dad catching 'the plague' as we call it... Thankfully, I think everyone is healthy now! Here is the spread of food, which we enjoyed outside on a beautiful 74 degree Autumn day. Thanks for BBQ'ing Jeff and Tracy!


After eating, the kids got to search for loose bones and sparkly pumpkins in Jeff and Tracy's huge backyard.

Tracy was so sweet, she helped hide the bones/pumpkins a few times so the kids could look for them. Then, inside she had a little puppet show for them. :) 

Brian was feeling under the weather too, he fell asleep! Ha, HA! (He didn't want me to post this!)

The kids got to take home some cute favor buckets, they loved the finger puppets.

And, no party at the Heaton's is complete without some cupcakes from Whipt Creme! YUM!
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