Curly Crafty Mom: October Recap.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Recap.

In October:

1. In October I ran 63.2 miles! My year-to-date mileage is at 460.4 miles. By the time I complete my half training, I will be a little past 500 miles!
(October: 63.2, September: 65.17, August: 13.5, July: 52.12, June: 41.25, May: 32.3, April: 47.3 miles, March: 69.05 miles, February: 57 miles, and in January: 36.51 miles)

2. I read two books this month:

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate - This is a wonderful book, that helps you learn what love language you and your spouse speak. The five different love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Once discovering your love languages, you will know what the other is seeking to feel loved. Brian and I both read this book, and really enjoyed it. He has answered all the questions in the back to determine which love language he is, I still need to find time to do this... although, he thinks he knows which I am. ;) He is already reading The Five Love Languages of Children, I have that on my list to read soon.

Winter Garden - This is a book I got free through a House Party a couple of years ago, and I finally found time to read it! It started out slow, but was REALLY good. I love historical fiction, and war stories... this story may not be a good one to read on the treadmill, though, there are some heartwrenching parts that had me crying and gasping for air. The Mother in this story had to make some hard choices, choices a Mother should never have to make... but had to because of war.

3. What did we do in October? Lots. It was crazy packed full.

Warrior Dash, the weekend before our wedding. (I did not overcome my fear of heights)

Married Brian :)

Nathan's first stitches :( 7 to be exact.

Halloween Go! 10K, which sucked for once because I was sick... which, thus, started the plague at our house

Autumn's FIRST field trip, to Stuckmeyers. So excited because I got to go :)

Brian moved in

Eckerts Pumpkin Patch with entire family

Jeff and Tracy's Halloween Party

Autumn's First Ballet/Tap Dance Show (Need to blog about this still)

Nathan earned his Bobcat Badge

Nathan took a limo from school and had a pizza lunch at Happy Joe's

Trunk or Treat, we won 2nd place

Pumpkin Carving

My purse ALMOST got stolen at WC Mall (I need to recap this in a blog post)


4. What's up next? Going to Orlando to run in the Disney Wine & Dine Half NEXT WEEKEND! And, I am getting things together for Autumn's 4th Birthday!! Also, I signed up for Santa's North Pole Dash (5k) in December... I have never ran in a race in December but the running shirts are Santa themed. I am hoping to work on my time for this race.
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