Curly Crafty Mom: Pumpkin Carving Funness

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Funness

After letting the kids each pick out their own special pumpkin at Eckerts, we decided to carve them... I LOVE Autumn's face in this photo, she doesn't seem to know what to think about what she sees inside her pumpkin. ha!

Holding the stem up


Autumn just loved her little pink Barbie scooper and all the seeds that were in her pumpkin

I got to work on carving her pumpkin while she played with the pumpkin seeds. This was the first time I used a template for carving, I usually don't spend money on those things... I usually just freehand some sort of Jack o Lantern face that is really simple! So, this was a little new to me... and, boy, was it tedious! I am not sure if I can say I enjoy carving pumpkins with templates, but the end result IS pretty cool.

Ta-da! Look at Auttie's moppy hair, I had taken out her pony tail. I wonder if there is an easy way to straighten a girls hair without using a flat iron... just thought it'd be cute to do Auttie's hair straight every so often... Wonder if I could blow dry it out straight? Hmm.


Lights out. Autumn got this witch Barbie for Halloween, so of course we had to do this pumpkin.

Ok, now Nathan... I don't have as many photos of Nathan because he was working on a research project, an animal poster which involved a lot of work! Here is Nathan taking off the top of his pumpkin.

Reaching in



Nathan's R2D2 Pumpkin lit up.


Nathan with his pumpkin
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