Curly Crafty Mom: Spidey Rings and Pumpkin Poop

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spidey Rings and Pumpkin Poop

Since I shared what we made for Autumn to hand out in class for Halloween, I thought why not share what Nathan handed out. I volunteered to make the treat for the party, sooo since I love Funfetti cupcakes and icing, that is what I did! I hate icing cupcakes, so Brian iced them all for me... he is so sweet! Brian has many useful traits. Then, we added a spider ring on top of each, because all 6/7 year olds love these cheapo rings.

Then, I wanted to make Pumpkin Poop for Nathan to hand out to each kid... but, he said, Mommmmm... what if Mrs. H makes me pull my green card for saying 'poop'? Smart boy! So, Nathan came up with the phrase 'Pumpkin Goo'. Much better... I guess? We got a big tub of cheese balls from Sams, put them in Hefty's Halloween bags, and labeled them 'Pumpkin Goo'. Easy peasy! I just love Halloween goodies!
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