Curly Crafty Mom: Wedding Ceremony (Snapshots)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Ceremony (Snapshots)

Sorry I have been a little slow at getting the wedding photos up, but it has been a little hectic here. Last weekend I did the Baby Mania sale, and a 10K race... then, we are in the process of getting Brian moved in, and on top of that the plague (or so, I'd like to call it!) hit our house this past week... a stomach type virus AND then a regular fever/runny nose yuck-fest. Not fun! But, no worries, the wedding posts will keep coming your way! Here is a photo of the hallway leading to our ceremony and reception room. The photo you see in the frame was taken on our river boat cruise on the Siene River.

Our guest book table complete with Paris theme


I have a keepsake curio cabinet, here are some of my trinkets from Paris


And, what French restaurant does not have a light up Eiffel tower?!


Our guest book was SO amazing, Brian took all of my Paris blog entries and Blurbed them into a guest book! I cannot believe he whipped this together in less then a week... then, he had metallic ink pens for the guests to write special messages or to just sign their name in the guest book wherever they could find a spot. I love how it turned out and it will make a great coffee table book for us to look at from time to time!

The ceremony went really well, I was a little nervous... I am not one for being the center of attention, but I guess I did ok. :) Becky, my witness, walked out first, and Alan, Brian's witness, met her near the front and escourted her the rest of the way.

Then, Nathan came down the aisle... he was SO brave, such a big boy! And, handsome, too! He also said a bible verse during the ceremony, which I do not have a photo of, but I m sure the photographer snapped one of him saying it.

Autumn did really good walking down the aisle, too, she was very careful with how many rose petals she sprinkled on the floor so that she would not run out... then, she had a bunch leftover once she got up to the front, and she did not want to waste them, so she dumped them all out. What a good girl!

Here I am, coming down the aisle. 

Brian, waiting for me! :)

Us during the ceremony

I wanted to involve the kids in the ceremony, so we helped them pour sand into our unity vase.

Another one of us

First kiss :x 
It means so much to be to be Brian's wife, I have always known there was something special about Brian, even when I first got to know him when I was only 12 years old. We have been through so much together, and Brian is always there for me when I need him most. We share every part of our day, there is not a day where we do not set aside time to just talk and I truly see him as my best friend. He has been amazing for my kids, they have needed someone solid and supportive in their lives... he will cook for them, tell them stories and he never misses any of their extra-curricular activities. It is so nice to have someone that works with me, we are truly a team. 
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