Curly Crafty Mom: Wedding - Reception (Snapshots)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding - Reception (Snapshots)

After the ceremony, Moulin Events had everyone go to the lounge part of the room where the fireplace, couches and bar was so that they could transition the ceremony room into a reception area. This was a great time for some family photos and to mingle with each others families and for them to get to know each other.

We selected three appetizers, an open-faced mini chicken sandwich, apple brie tartlet and Nathan's favorite (as you can see by how he is positioned in this photo- with his head turning to the huge plate) bacon wrapped shrimp.

The open bar was nice, I love how Becky (or Mom?) took a photo of the beers we selected to have available- Stella Artois is my favorite!

Everyone seemed to have a really good time at catching up or getting to know each other

My bouquet, Nathan's pillow and Autumn's basket

During the ceremony, Brian surprised me by telling me he hired a photographer in Paris to put a lock on the Pont des Arts bridge... the lock has our names engraved on it. He had us lock another lock during the wedding ceremony, and showed me a photo album he had made of the photos the photographer took when she put our lock on our special bridge-- another blog post to follow this! One dream of mine is to come back to this bridge someday... perhaps later down the road in our marriage... and to see our love lock on the bridge in person.

Another photo of our guest book table

Brian helping Autumn find her place at the table... we had a long rectangular table for our 25 guests.

My place setting

Every guest recevied chocolate truffles from Kakao, we selected a red wine truffle and a raspberry truffle. Yum!

We had Sisters create a floral arrangement for the center of the table

We had two dishes for the adults, pictured is the filet with au gratin potatoes and asparagus. We also had a spinach salad which I do not have a photo of... and, I do not have a photo of the chicken dish.

Nathan and Autumn had chicken fingers, fries and apple slices. Love how you can see Autumn reaching into her Shirley Temple with her pink nails to grab a cherry!

After dinner we had our first dance, "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

The dance became even more special when Nathan and Autumn decided they wanted to dance, too. So precious!

After our first dance, we went over to our cupcake tower which we had Jilly's create. They did a wonderful job, matched the colors of the roses perfectly with my bouquet. I couldn't have been happier! 

Cutting the cake, don't the kids look a little eager for some sugar? Ha!


Of course, I was very sweet as to not smear an entire cake slice down Brian's face and tux... just a little. Ha! He got me, too!

Here I am next to Autumn, enjoying the cake

After Nathan was sugared up, he started dancing to Gangnam Style... um, where did he learn this at? I didn't teach him!

Nathan also got to see a real police badge, Brian's friend Kevin is a cop.

All in all, a great reception! I cannot believe it turned out SO nice and we did all of this in only 2 months (I think I planned the chili party at work for longer!)... We had such a special afternoon and evening with our family and friends. A day I will never forget, and the special day that I became Brian's wife, and he became a father to my children. We are all so blessed and happy.
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