Curly Crafty Mom: Wedding Shower at Work

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Shower at Work

When I came into work today... I was surprised with THIS. My coworkers are so awesome! A cube wedding shower!

Carrie at my work was in charge of the shopping, and she did a great job! She really knows what I like, and who can complain when there is a large Crate & Barrel box on your desk. ;)

 Here is what I got:

2 Wine Glasses, painted in white and black

2 Wine Corkers

Set of 6 appetizer plates, the top one is Paris and the others are other cities.

A large basket that I can decorate or put fruit or a baguette in

Havarti Cheese

WINE - some of my favorite:

Cupcake Riesling

Montelle (my favorite MO winery) - Himmelswein

My work is SO great to pull this together for me! I feel so loved!
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