Curly Crafty Mom: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrapped Up!

In November:

1. In November I ran 52.4 miles! My year-to-date mileage is at 529.8 miles. That is the most I have ever ran in a single year... in 2011 I only ran 241.83 miles and in 2010 I ran 507.94 miles. Don't ask me why I keep track of all of these numbers. :) In November I also completed my second half marathon, the Disney Wine and Dine! My next race is Santa's North Pole Dash (5K) this Saturday. I am not sure if I will be wearing the Santa beard that they are providing in the race packet. This will be my first winter race- BRRR! I am hoping to PR on this 5K, keep your fingers crossed for me.

2. I read three books this month:

True Colors - This was another book by Kristin Hannah that I had gotten free from a House Party. I think this is my least favorite of the three books of hers that I have read. It was still really good, just not my favorite. It is about a woman who was always been the favorite sister in her Daddy's eyes. One of her (three) sister's tries to compete with her, but never acknowledges her own strengths and inner beauty until the end. The favored sister makes some hard choices, but always stands true to her husband until she breaks, due to difficult circumstances (trying not to spoil). That is when the other two sisters unite (especially the sister that had always been so jealous of her) and overcome the challenge/battle she must face again.

The Uglies - This is a trilogy, and I have heard the first book of the series is the best of the three... So, I will probably come back and read the other two books later... or never. I just have SO many books I want to read, and not enough time... so, I try to read what is worth reading. :) Tally is about to turn sixteen, and once she does she will go to the land of pretties and have an operation that will turn her pretty. She will then live in the pretty land of perfection and party the rest of her days. However, before Tally turns sixteen, she meets a girl named Shay, who is resistant about turning pretty and runs away to 'the smoke' before her sixteenth birthday. She leaves behind a note for Tally to join her, and so the story begins... This was really an interesting read, especially in these days where everyone wants to be pretty! In reading this book you'll find that being pretty isn't the answer to happiness, especially when it is forced.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - This was QUITE a unique read... I really cannot wait to see the movie! This is about a high school student, who shares his stories from his friends, his sister, his lose of his Aunt... parts of it are heart breaking, parts of it make me wonder what in the world he is thinking and parts of it really mad me laugh. I had a really hard time figuring out just who Charlie really is, but his nickname as a 'wallflower' was quite fitting.

3. What did we do in November?

- Autumn had her first 'Show' in Dance Class, she did really well!
- Nathan lost his second tooth
- Nathan had his first Go See It in Scouts and we enjoyed turkey bowling at their Thanksgiving party
- Nathan had his last soccer game
- Brian and I went to Orlando for a mini-vacation so I could run in Disney's Wine and Dine Half. I PR'ed!
- We celebrated Autumn's 4th birthday with her!
- Thanksgiving with Brian's family and mine
- We started the packet with Autumn's school to get her speech evaluated through STL County
- Took the kids to see the Tilles Christmas Lights (except Auttie fell asleep)

4. What's up for December? Mainly, Christmas! I have the kids shopping done, just need to shop for Brian and some family members. I am running in Santa's North Pole Dash on Saturday in Historic St. Charles, this is a 5K and my last race of the year (and winter!).

I am looking forward to Autumn getting accepted into speech therapy this month, so she can get the help she needs.

I am also planning on trying out 4 new cookie recipes in the next 4 weeks since I love to bake in December! I already tried one, it was a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with nutella! Other then that, I have been trying to eat healthy this month (better to start eating healthy before then after Christmas) so a lot of these cookies I will be baking will be frozen and/or enjoyed by others!

 Elfie (Elf on the Shelf) is also back at our house. Every year I have the kids make a new ornament for the tree, and we will be getting started on them soon- this year we are making melted snowmen ornaments! I am trying to get my house organized and in shape, especially the closets, pantry and downstairs! We are hosting Christmas this year at my house with my family, and it will be a breakfast (Brian is doing most of the work/cooking!) so we are excited about that, too! I have just gotten the last bit of Thank You card's out from our wedding and Christmas cards are on my list this weekend to get out. Also, we got our proofs back from the photographer, and I will be posting some of my favorites that he took as soon as I can on the blog. We are really pleased with him!

I am starting to think about my 2013 dreams and goals, and will be taking a Mondo class starting in January.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tilles Park Christmas Lights

Last night, immediately after work we headed out for some dinner, picked up some hot cocoa and then enjoyed the Winter Wonderland lights display at Tilles Park off of McKnight. With everything going on last year, we did not get out to see Tilles Park, but I did find my old blog post from 2010 when we enjoyed the lights... Nathan was 4 (Autumn's age!) and Autumn was 2 then! Gosh, how time flies!

I would love to make this a yearly tradition... it was a shame that little Autumn fell asleep before we got there, though! She slept from 6:30pm, woke up briefly for a few minutes while we drove through the lights display... then, stayed asleep while I put her in her bed when we got home and then was awake at 7:00am this morning! She is such a good sleeper! I am glad I took some photos of the display so I can show them to her tonight. Nathan was awake, and he loved it! We even went through twice, we were going to pay but they told us the 2nd time was free!

On our way in... there were carriage rides going on, too, and one horse came right up next to our car and tried to stick its head in our window!!! I was going to take a picture but I was afraid my flash would spook the horse... so I didn't. But, we weren't expecting that!

I always wonder how hard it is to get all the lights down from the trees after its over.

A photo I took for Auttie since she was missing out



Just some random photos


I thought these were neat...

Autumn woke up for a few minutes... she was in a sleepy daze.

Until next year!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preschool 3 Moments

Autumn's teacher periodically sends photos of what the kids have been doing in Preschool 3. I love peaking into Autumn's classroom to see what she has been up to! Here the kids are around the sandbox, where their teacher places items that start with the letter of the week.

Autumn's play doh person looks sort of like an alien.

Enjoying a pile of leaves... I love how there is a leaf on Auttie's head... the girl in the lower right corner with the longer hair and pink coat is the daughter of a girl I went to this school with! How exciting that our daughters are in the same class (and school!) together!

Autumn throwing some leaves up in the air.

The kids love the smart board at their school, here they are dancing to, "Shake Dem Bones".

The kids with their teacher during the Halloween party

Another Halloween party picture...

I had to include this photo just because its hilarious how Autumn's Leia wig is situated on her head. LOL! I am glad someone fixed it!

Painting a pumpkin

Fire truck visit

Their teacher brought in a pumpkin for them to carve!


It's always fun to see how the little ones react to the pumpkin goo

Such a cute group photo! 

Cardinal's Red Day! I am so thankful for Nathan and Autumn's school and teachers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Lights

I haven't had lights on the house in years! It was so fun to dig them all out of the basement and put them to use again (and, they still all work!). Its funny, because the one bush on the left used to be too small for the special bush lights, but now it isn't... may need to get some lights for it! Brian put the lights up on the roof, and I put all the lights on the ground... oh, and he took care of getting everything plugged in... that is one of my least favorite parts of outdoor lights, figuring out the cords!

Maybe next year we'll buy some new lights... it was fun putting up the old lights, but it'd be even funnier to get some new pieces! Although, I will admit... I do like the lights to be simple and I am not a fan of inflatable decor!

Monday, November 26, 2012

What I did with 4 days off work...

Everyone has been posting a list of what they accomplished over 'Turkey Break'... It was a little exhausting over here, but still a wonderful holiday and I accomplished a lot, too!

Wednesday (Pre Thanksgiving Night):
- Autumn's 4th Birthday (we did her party the Saturday prior to her birthday) 
- Received HUGE box of clothes from my friend Janna Jones that lives in CO. All Gymboree! Thank you, Janna! When her daughter out grows her clothes, she ships them to me. She has done this since Autumn was a newborn. I am so blessed to have such great friends.
- Watched Brave for the first time with kids, Autumn was scared of the Momma Bear
- Kids got to sleep in their sleeping bags in the Family Room overnight for the first time
- Brian made some cheater cookies and we sang Happy Birthday to Autumn

- Headed to Rolla, MO and celebrated Thanksgiving at his Uncle and Aunt's house
- Nathan scored his first two touchdowns when the boys went outside to play football

- Went to Gardenland Express at MoBot to see the electric trains, only to leave because the power wasn't on
- Broke my camera lens (its been hanging on since I dropped my camera 2 years ago)
- Went to Creve Coeur Camera and got a new camera lens- this one is 18mm-135mm. Its a bigger lens, so we may still get my old lens fixed since it is easier to tote around with kids in tow
- Went to my brother and SIL's house for a turkey FEAST
- Handed the kids off to their Dad at 3pm, then collapsed on the couch and finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower... very interesting read!
- Then, jolted up from the couch and did a major Master Bedroom closet clean! We have a maid that comes every other week, and I had a couple of bags of misc. items (school papers, bills, artwork, etc.) in my closet (I try to clear off the table before they come) along with another big bag of stuff leftover from Autumn's party. It took me all night to organize and file all this stuff. Also, got my wedding dress in the cleaners box... and, just tidied up the closet. It looks a lot better!
- Did some Black Friday shopping (online)... new bra and pj's from VS, new jeans from Express (half off and free shipping!) and some work clothes from Shade.

- 8:00am hair appointment! I love to be productive, and by doing that I like to get up early! Well, I get there and I am waiting for 20 minutes, and the receptionist comes over and tells me she doesn't know where my stylist is... she hasn't phoned in, they've tried to call her, etc. Well, she told me I could come back next week or have a different stylist do my hair. I get highlights and was a few weeks overdue! So, of course, I went with the 'mystery' stylist. Turns out, I LOVE this stylist more then the one I have but I was too afraid to ask to switch. Am I crazy? I have naturally curly hair and they blow dried my hair out and flat ironed it for no charge due to the stylist that didn't show. She did show up after my hair was almost done, and her only excuse was she hosted Thanksgiving and was tired... uh, really? I wish I could get out of work that easily. I am not sure if I should even go back to her. What do you think? Just a little tiffed.
- Put up ALLLL the indoor Christmas decorations and the tree... listened to Christmas music.
- Received kids Christmas outfits, ordered off Etsy
- Went to 54th Street for a salad and soup combo
- Went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for the kids yearly ornament they make... this year we are doing the melted snowman globe ornament.
- Went to Macy's because I have been wanting a pair of tall brown boots. Found the cutest pair. We also got the Elf on the Shelf movie at Hallmark, some Christmasey scented Wallflowers at Bath and Body Works (I LOVE Wallflowers!) and... I think that was it!
- Saw Breaking Dawn Part Two... wow, there is a kicker in there that does not match up to the book! And... I really wish I had reread these Twilight books before each movie, its just... I read them in 2008 (while pumping at work for 9 months after Autumn was born) and it would be nice to have refreshed my memory on some of the tidbits in the book.

- Ironed a couple weeks worth of clothes. I am weird, I iron all my clothes at a time. I cannot stand to iron things on a daily basis.
- Celebrated my Mom's 63rd birthday at Red Lobster
- Went to Target to try to find Skylander for the Wii. Sold out. I panicked. Did find some other toys for the kids.
- Went to ToysRUs, got some more things for the kids. Found Skylander for the Wii. Whew. 
- Came home, collapsed on couch for a good hour or two.
- Helped Brian put up outdoor lights (I do the ones on the ground, he does the ones on the roof. Sweet deal, I do say so myself...)
- Went grocery shopping at Dierbergs instead of Schnucks for a change. I do like Dierbergs much better.

What didn't I do all weekend? RUN! And, I have a 5K in two weeks! But, after training for the half... I really thought I deserved a little break!

AND, I didn't finish our Thank You cards from the wedding. UGH. I need to get them out THIS week before I start on Christmas cards!

Hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving. Boy was it hard to return to work today. I did sneak in one Cyber Monday deal... A Mondo Beyondo class for $49! That is HALF off! The class starts in January, a perfect time to reflect on my dreams I want to pursue this year.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving I feel blessed for good health, my new husband and his family, having Nathan and Autumn under my roof on most nights and the tremendous JOY they give me, my family and friends, the kids school, our church, God's love and protection, my job and Brian's (in these times, especially!), for all the dreams that came true for me this year and the laughs and smiles I've had this year.

I am also thankful for the sucess Brian has had with his diet this year! He really does amaze me.

I am thankful for the delicious meal that Jeff and Tracy prepared for us, Brian (who thinks he is Mr. Food Expert) even agrees that Jeff knows how to prepare a turkey just right! Yum!

I am thankful for these too munchkins, who love to fight over everything these days... Nathan, even though he was in a bit of a crabby mood today... and, Autumn, who FINALLY decides to eat turkey 5 minutes before it was time for us to leave. How can I not be thankful for these two? Life would be so dull without them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cubscout Turkey Bowling & Feast


Last night, Nathan's pack had their annual Turkey Bowling and Feast. We were in charge of bringing rolls, so Brian... being as awesome as he is (because any guy that can cook, is awesome in my book!) was up until 1:00 a.m. the night before making these homemade pumpkin rolls. What was I doing? Sleeping! I found the recipe for them off of Pinterest, but he used his own bread dough recipe because the Pinterest recipe included pumpkin puree... which may have been a little weird. Brian's rolls turned out delicious! 



Every year, they get a RAW turkey, and the kids bowl with it... if they win, they get a smaller raw turkey breast. Uh, yeah... the kids LOVED it.

After bowling, we got to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. YUM! Lots of turkey this week!

Autumn's 4!


Autumn turned 4 today! I love to take photos the night before of them asleep, one last time before they turn another year old. Here is Autumn asleep last year, her last night as a 2 year old. I cannot believe how much they grow in ONE year.

To celebrate Autumn's birthday today, I have two last gifts for her... a jewelry box and a ballerina necklace. Then, we are surprising the kids with brand new sleeping bags and the Brave DVD, and we'll sit on the couch and relax and have dinner and eat some snacks... and some birthday ice cream before heading to bed before we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! All in all a nice relaxing birthday celebration!

Autumn has changed so much this year...

She started preschool

She started Sunday School

She can dress herself, including shoes 

She can write her name (Autumn)

Her hair has gotten longer and curlier

She is starting speech classes soon (last year this time we had JUST weaned her from the binky)

She started dance class

She has her first real little friend outside school name Chloe, then several school friends (Lauren, Caleb, etc.)

She has a preference for what shoes she wants to wear

If you ask her where she wants to eat, the answer is always McDonalds (even over Chuckie Cheese)

She loves to give kisses and hugs

She mastered a tricycle and now has a big girl bike, her favorite toy

Some of her other favorite toys were Loving Family, Lalaloopsie and Play Doh

She loves to play Doctor

She loves Brian's rollercoasters

She loves to color, draw people with fingers

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Autumn's Thanksgiving Feast

This is a snap shot of Autumn in the morning before school, wearing her Turkey dress that a friend sewed for her. I love this dress! I thought it would be best to wear it with jeans and some brown boots to school.

Usually the school throws a 'Thanksgiving Feast' (potluck) every November for the lower grades... however, there is a new rule at the school- no homemade products... so, since everything has to be store bought, they canceled the feast and did the Veterans Day celebration instead. I am SO bummed over the no homemade stuff, as I love to bake cute sweets and to do crafts for the parties. BOO! Anyway, Autumn's teacher decided to do a little feast for the preschool 3 class. When I arrived at school, the kids were so cute! Autumn's teacher had all the table pushed together, and they were all sitting around the table with their Indian hats (and one pilgrim hat).

Me and my baby girl Autumn. 

This is kind of a bad photo because she was prancing around, but they all made Indian shirts in class... its a brown paper bag she painted.

A turkey centerpiece that Autumn painted

Look at those BIG brown eyes.

Auttie eating her turkey.

Autumn just LOVES when Mommy shows up at school! We had a fun time!

Autumn's Birthday Party at School

This is the birthday cake we brought in for Autumn and her class, she is actually off of school on her birthday (how did she luck out on that one?) so we had to celebrate it early at school. She loves Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes (because, it has cake, not just ice cream!) and of course we found out later the pink Barbie lights up (there is a switch on the bottom) and her dog is a ring, too! So exciting. Can't believe my little girl turns 4 tomorrow. Can time slow down a little?!
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