Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 4!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Autumn's 4!


Autumn turned 4 today! I love to take photos the night before of them asleep, one last time before they turn another year old. Here is Autumn asleep last year, her last night as a 2 year old. I cannot believe how much they grow in ONE year.

To celebrate Autumn's birthday today, I have two last gifts for her... a jewelry box and a ballerina necklace. Then, we are surprising the kids with brand new sleeping bags and the Brave DVD, and we'll sit on the couch and relax and have dinner and eat some snacks... and some birthday ice cream before heading to bed before we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! All in all a nice relaxing birthday celebration!

Autumn has changed so much this year...

She started preschool

She started Sunday School

She can dress herself, including shoes 

She can write her name (Autumn)

Her hair has gotten longer and curlier

She is starting speech classes soon (last year this time we had JUST weaned her from the binky)

She started dance class

She has her first real little friend outside school name Chloe, then several school friends (Lauren, Caleb, etc.)

She has a preference for what shoes she wants to wear

If you ask her where she wants to eat, the answer is always McDonalds (even over Chuckie Cheese)

She loves to give kisses and hugs

She mastered a tricycle and now has a big girl bike, her favorite toy

Some of her other favorite toys were Loving Family, Lalaloopsie and Play Doh

She loves to play Doctor

She loves Brian's rollercoasters

She loves to color, draw people with fingers
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