Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Thanksgiving Feast

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Autumn's Thanksgiving Feast

This is a snap shot of Autumn in the morning before school, wearing her Turkey dress that a friend sewed for her. I love this dress! I thought it would be best to wear it with jeans and some brown boots to school.

Usually the school throws a 'Thanksgiving Feast' (potluck) every November for the lower grades... however, there is a new rule at the school- no homemade products... so, since everything has to be store bought, they canceled the feast and did the Veterans Day celebration instead. I am SO bummed over the no homemade stuff, as I love to bake cute sweets and to do crafts for the parties. BOO! Anyway, Autumn's teacher decided to do a little feast for the preschool 3 class. When I arrived at school, the kids were so cute! Autumn's teacher had all the table pushed together, and they were all sitting around the table with their Indian hats (and one pilgrim hat).

Me and my baby girl Autumn. 

This is kind of a bad photo because she was prancing around, but they all made Indian shirts in class... its a brown paper bag she painted.

A turkey centerpiece that Autumn painted

Look at those BIG brown eyes.

Auttie eating her turkey.

Autumn just LOVES when Mommy shows up at school! We had a fun time!
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