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Monday, November 26, 2012

What I did with 4 days off work...

Everyone has been posting a list of what they accomplished over 'Turkey Break'... It was a little exhausting over here, but still a wonderful holiday and I accomplished a lot, too!

Wednesday (Pre Thanksgiving Night):
- Autumn's 4th Birthday (we did her party the Saturday prior to her birthday) 
- Received HUGE box of clothes from my friend Janna Jones that lives in CO. All Gymboree! Thank you, Janna! When her daughter out grows her clothes, she ships them to me. She has done this since Autumn was a newborn. I am so blessed to have such great friends.
- Watched Brave for the first time with kids, Autumn was scared of the Momma Bear
- Kids got to sleep in their sleeping bags in the Family Room overnight for the first time
- Brian made some cheater cookies and we sang Happy Birthday to Autumn

- Headed to Rolla, MO and celebrated Thanksgiving at his Uncle and Aunt's house
- Nathan scored his first two touchdowns when the boys went outside to play football

- Went to Gardenland Express at MoBot to see the electric trains, only to leave because the power wasn't on
- Broke my camera lens (its been hanging on since I dropped my camera 2 years ago)
- Went to Creve Coeur Camera and got a new camera lens- this one is 18mm-135mm. Its a bigger lens, so we may still get my old lens fixed since it is easier to tote around with kids in tow
- Went to my brother and SIL's house for a turkey FEAST
- Handed the kids off to their Dad at 3pm, then collapsed on the couch and finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower... very interesting read!
- Then, jolted up from the couch and did a major Master Bedroom closet clean! We have a maid that comes every other week, and I had a couple of bags of misc. items (school papers, bills, artwork, etc.) in my closet (I try to clear off the table before they come) along with another big bag of stuff leftover from Autumn's party. It took me all night to organize and file all this stuff. Also, got my wedding dress in the cleaners box... and, just tidied up the closet. It looks a lot better!
- Did some Black Friday shopping (online)... new bra and pj's from VS, new jeans from Express (half off and free shipping!) and some work clothes from Shade.

- 8:00am hair appointment! I love to be productive, and by doing that I like to get up early! Well, I get there and I am waiting for 20 minutes, and the receptionist comes over and tells me she doesn't know where my stylist is... she hasn't phoned in, they've tried to call her, etc. Well, she told me I could come back next week or have a different stylist do my hair. I get highlights and was a few weeks overdue! So, of course, I went with the 'mystery' stylist. Turns out, I LOVE this stylist more then the one I have but I was too afraid to ask to switch. Am I crazy? I have naturally curly hair and they blow dried my hair out and flat ironed it for no charge due to the stylist that didn't show. She did show up after my hair was almost done, and her only excuse was she hosted Thanksgiving and was tired... uh, really? I wish I could get out of work that easily. I am not sure if I should even go back to her. What do you think? Just a little tiffed.
- Put up ALLLL the indoor Christmas decorations and the tree... listened to Christmas music.
- Received kids Christmas outfits, ordered off Etsy
- Went to 54th Street for a salad and soup combo
- Went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for the kids yearly ornament they make... this year we are doing the melted snowman globe ornament.
- Went to Macy's because I have been wanting a pair of tall brown boots. Found the cutest pair. We also got the Elf on the Shelf movie at Hallmark, some Christmasey scented Wallflowers at Bath and Body Works (I LOVE Wallflowers!) and... I think that was it!
- Saw Breaking Dawn Part Two... wow, there is a kicker in there that does not match up to the book! And... I really wish I had reread these Twilight books before each movie, its just... I read them in 2008 (while pumping at work for 9 months after Autumn was born) and it would be nice to have refreshed my memory on some of the tidbits in the book.

- Ironed a couple weeks worth of clothes. I am weird, I iron all my clothes at a time. I cannot stand to iron things on a daily basis.
- Celebrated my Mom's 63rd birthday at Red Lobster
- Went to Target to try to find Skylander for the Wii. Sold out. I panicked. Did find some other toys for the kids.
- Went to ToysRUs, got some more things for the kids. Found Skylander for the Wii. Whew. 
- Came home, collapsed on couch for a good hour or two.
- Helped Brian put up outdoor lights (I do the ones on the ground, he does the ones on the roof. Sweet deal, I do say so myself...)
- Went grocery shopping at Dierbergs instead of Schnucks for a change. I do like Dierbergs much better.

What didn't I do all weekend? RUN! And, I have a 5K in two weeks! But, after training for the half... I really thought I deserved a little break!

AND, I didn't finish our Thank You cards from the wedding. UGH. I need to get them out THIS week before I start on Christmas cards!

Hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving. Boy was it hard to return to work today. I did sneak in one Cyber Monday deal... A Mondo Beyondo class for $49! That is HALF off! The class starts in January, a perfect time to reflect on my dreams I want to pursue this year.
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