Curly Crafty Mom: 2012 School Christmas Play

Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 School Christmas Play

This has been a REALLY busy week... all kinds of Christmas parties and celebrations. On Wednesday we were up at school for the school Christmas play! Here is a photo of Nathan and Autumn before the play in the lobby of the church.


Every year they put a tree up in the church with all of the kids photos on it... it is always fun to find theirs... here they are with their stars.

I snapped a picture of Autumn by her class... they sang one song at the beginning of the service, then got to go back to sit with their parents.

Autumn on her way up

Her class singing

Nathan on his way up

So pretty! Nathan is to the left playing sand blocks.

Closeup of Nathan playing sand blocks, he was so proud!

A song by Nathan's class... we were in the second row, we got a lot better pictures then last year! What a lovely play! Next year Nathan insists on a speaking part, I did not sign him up for one this year... I just assumed he wouldn't want one. Boy, was I wrong! OOPS!

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