Curly Crafty Mom: Easy Bake Oven Experiment

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Bake Oven Experiment

It is the weekend after Christmas, and we have spent a lot of time opening and enjoying the kids toys. Autumn has been just ITCHING to try out her new Easy Bake oven. She has been dragging the box around, trying to open it, etc. SO, I promised her we would try it out this weekend... I heard SO many mixed reviews about the oven, so I was a little worried it'd be a flop of a toy.

I have to admit. I loved it. A lot of the complaints are about the tray getting stuck inside the oven (it goes into it from the side, it doesn't open like a regular oven-- this makes it safer as it is really only hot on the top where there are tiny vent holes) and that the portion sizes are small. The portion sizes ARE really small, but they are SO cute. They are Autumn sized. And, Autumn loves little things. The oven came with chocolate chip cookies and also a recipe for red velvet cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles. Autumn wanted to make the cupcakes first. Here she is mixing the batter (it only needs a tablespoon of water)...

Filling the cupcake pan

Ready to put the cupcakes in the Easy Bake oven. Yes, she did sample the batter, that is why her mouth is all red! ha!

With my help, pushing the cupcakes into the warming vent

While they cooked, we worked on making the icing... once again, just a tablespoon of water needed... then, mix mix mix mix.

Once the cupcakes were done baking, we had to push them further into the oven so they could cool "inside" the oven. Then we took them out of the oven and the tray was cool and the cupcakes could be iced right away.

Then she added some little sprinkles   

And, here is how they looked... aren't they ADORABLE? They were pretty good, too, for the size. ha! Can't wait to make the chocolate chip cookies with her! We also bought a smores mix. Fun times! Gotta love having a girly girl!
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