Curly Crafty Mom: Elfie is back!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Elfie is back!

This morning, we got the kids a bath and all cleaned up for our Christmas Card photos by the tree... which, BTW, I got a REALLY sweet photo of them together but I won't be sharing it until my Christmas cards are sent out. I told them, if they smiled REALLY good that maybe after the photo we could look to see if Elfie had come... It worked like a charm! Well, after we got several good shots, Brian went downstairs and he came up with three presents and said, "Look what I found downstairs!" Here is a photo of the kids reaction.

Nathan took the top present off the bundle and ripped one single piece of paper off (which you can see in this photo!)... and, dum de dum...

There was ELFIE! Love his reaction in this photo!

Autumn wasn't sure what to think about him at first... but, now she thinks he's her baby... she reads to him, covers him with blankets... etc. I did tell them you cannot touch Elfie, unless he's covered in something or you get some kitchen tongs, etc. lol.

Elfie brought Nathan his very first Star Wars advent calendar... which he LOVES!

Autumn with her Lego Friends advent calendar. Not sure why she's eating her dress in this photo, did Elfie make her THAT nervous? Ha!


Enjoying their legos!
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