Curly Crafty Mom: First Snow

Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Snow

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing for the first time this winter in St. Louis, so of course the kids wanted to go out in it on Saturday morning. Autumn told me to take her picture on the porch before she stepped into the white stuff, so I did. She's such a cutie these days.

It really wasn't a lot of snows... not enough to make a snow man, but we did get the sled out and had some snow ball fights.


Autumn really wanted to make a snow angel, and she did a swell job! 

Then we did a little sledding... Nathan got this sled for Christmas last year, and we didn't even get to try it out until now.

I even got on the sled a couple of times... oh, the kids thought it was SO funny when I was on the sled. Ha!

Nathan got hit right on the head with a snow ball. Ha! 
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