Curly Crafty Mom: Fun with our Christmas Play Doh

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fun with our Christmas Play Doh

Every year since Elfie has been coming to our house, he has brought the kids brand new play doh for their Christmas play doh set (its just little cutters and shapes in Christmas designs)... what makes it even more fun is I keep the shapes they've made and let them harden, then throw them in a bag with the other shapes they've made in years past. The kids always love looking at the old play doh shapes they have made in the past.

I was wondering if Nathan would be excited or into playing with the play doh this year, but he really enjoyed it!


Working hard... they probably played for almost two hours, the worst part was getting the lids off all the different colors... they were on tight!

My favorite? Nathan's play doh version of Elfie. So cute!
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