Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Autumn had her Christmas party at school last Friday, and I was in charge of baking a cake for it. (Ok, Brian landed up baking it, since I had to get her class favors together... and, the game for Nathan's party. Agh!) Well, I decided to take an early lunch break so I could go over to her school and see her and her classmates decorate the cake. This is something Autumn LOVES right now... baking, decorating, you name it! Can you tell by that big smile on her face?


I brought sugar candies, icing gels and sprinkles and the cake went around the table several times so the kids could each take a turn decorating the cake.


Here is how the cake looked after they were finished. That is quite a sugar coated cake!


They sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, then each got to blow their one candle out. Loved this!


Enjoying her cake... Autumn does not eat the cake, she eats only the icing... what a great party and now she will enjoy 2 weeks off of school!

Autumn came home from school for a little gift for me inside this bag.

Inside there was this sweet little gingerbread man, and he smells SO good! I just LOVE homemade ornaments.

I also got this little Christmas tree ornament with her school photo on it.

Autumn brought home a lot of goodies from her class party!

She also had a Sunday School party, that she couldn't attend since I did not have her that weekend. Her teacher is so sweet and told me to stop in after church so Autumn could still get her treats.
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