Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Christmas Party at School

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nathan's Christmas Party at School

Nathan had his school party the same day as Autumn, but in the afternoon... I hope to make it to his next school party... I helped in planning the game and found a cute game on Disney's website called Jack Frost's Not Lost.

They did a $5.00 gift exchange at the party and Nathan sure scored a lot for his gift! He loves Skylanders right now and was the most excited about the puzzle.


Just like Autumn, Nathan brought me home a little gift. I was so excited! Here is the bag he decorated that the gift was in... On the front he drew angels (I asked him) and on the back a Christmas tree.


Inside the bag were two ornaments... I love the warm fuzzy mitten and the star he made! Adorable!

Nathan came home with a bunch of goodies from his class party. His teacher gave him a Bible Word Search book, which we've already done... it even came with a little magnify glass.
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