Curly Crafty Mom: November Wrapped Up!

Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrapped Up!

In November:

1. In November I ran 52.4 miles! My year-to-date mileage is at 529.8 miles. That is the most I have ever ran in a single year... in 2011 I only ran 241.83 miles and in 2010 I ran 507.94 miles. Don't ask me why I keep track of all of these numbers. :) In November I also completed my second half marathon, the Disney Wine and Dine! My next race is Santa's North Pole Dash (5K) this Saturday. I am not sure if I will be wearing the Santa beard that they are providing in the race packet. This will be my first winter race- BRRR! I am hoping to PR on this 5K, keep your fingers crossed for me.

2. I read three books this month:

True Colors - This was another book by Kristin Hannah that I had gotten free from a House Party. I think this is my least favorite of the three books of hers that I have read. It was still really good, just not my favorite. It is about a woman who was always been the favorite sister in her Daddy's eyes. One of her (three) sister's tries to compete with her, but never acknowledges her own strengths and inner beauty until the end. The favored sister makes some hard choices, but always stands true to her husband until she breaks, due to difficult circumstances (trying not to spoil). That is when the other two sisters unite (especially the sister that had always been so jealous of her) and overcome the challenge/battle she must face again.

The Uglies - This is a trilogy, and I have heard the first book of the series is the best of the three... So, I will probably come back and read the other two books later... or never. I just have SO many books I want to read, and not enough time... so, I try to read what is worth reading. :) Tally is about to turn sixteen, and once she does she will go to the land of pretties and have an operation that will turn her pretty. She will then live in the pretty land of perfection and party the rest of her days. However, before Tally turns sixteen, she meets a girl named Shay, who is resistant about turning pretty and runs away to 'the smoke' before her sixteenth birthday. She leaves behind a note for Tally to join her, and so the story begins... This was really an interesting read, especially in these days where everyone wants to be pretty! In reading this book you'll find that being pretty isn't the answer to happiness, especially when it is forced.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - This was QUITE a unique read... I really cannot wait to see the movie! This is about a high school student, who shares his stories from his friends, his sister, his lose of his Aunt... parts of it are heart breaking, parts of it make me wonder what in the world he is thinking and parts of it really mad me laugh. I had a really hard time figuring out just who Charlie really is, but his nickname as a 'wallflower' was quite fitting.

3. What did we do in November?

- Autumn had her first 'Show' in Dance Class, she did really well!
- Nathan lost his second tooth
- Nathan had his first Go See It in Scouts and we enjoyed turkey bowling at their Thanksgiving party
- Nathan had his last soccer game
- Brian and I went to Orlando for a mini-vacation so I could run in Disney's Wine and Dine Half. I PR'ed!
- We celebrated Autumn's 4th birthday with her!
- Thanksgiving with Brian's family and mine
- We started the packet with Autumn's school to get her speech evaluated through STL County
- Took the kids to see the Tilles Christmas Lights (except Auttie fell asleep)

4. What's up for December? Mainly, Christmas! I have the kids shopping done, just need to shop for Brian and some family members. I am running in Santa's North Pole Dash on Saturday in Historic St. Charles, this is a 5K and my last race of the year (and winter!).

I am looking forward to Autumn getting accepted into speech therapy this month, so she can get the help she needs.

I am also planning on trying out 4 new cookie recipes in the next 4 weeks since I love to bake in December! I already tried one, it was a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with nutella! Other then that, I have been trying to eat healthy this month (better to start eating healthy before then after Christmas) so a lot of these cookies I will be baking will be frozen and/or enjoyed by others!

 Elfie (Elf on the Shelf) is also back at our house. Every year I have the kids make a new ornament for the tree, and we will be getting started on them soon- this year we are making melted snowmen ornaments! I am trying to get my house organized and in shape, especially the closets, pantry and downstairs! We are hosting Christmas this year at my house with my family, and it will be a breakfast (Brian is doing most of the work/cooking!) so we are excited about that, too! I have just gotten the last bit of Thank You card's out from our wedding and Christmas cards are on my list this weekend to get out. Also, we got our proofs back from the photographer, and I will be posting some of my favorites that he took as soon as I can on the blog. We are really pleased with him!

I am starting to think about my 2013 dreams and goals, and will be taking a Mondo class starting in January.
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