Curly Crafty Mom: Prof. Ceremony Pics

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prof. Ceremony Pics

After photos at Vin de Set, the upstairs restaurant, we headed downstairs for our ceremony and reception. I loved how Ann at Moulin Events decorated the room for us. This is a photo of our Unity sand vases before they were filled, and a special surprise that Brian had planned for me, a lock we would close together during the ceremony.

Alan (Brian's cousin) and Becky (my friend since high school) walked in first, they were our witnesses.

Then, Nathan walked in as the ring bearer. He did really good and wasn't nervous at all.

Autumn was a little nervous to walk down the aisle as a flower girl, but she did just fine. She sprinkled a little of the rose petals onto the floor here and there, then once she got to the very end of  the aisle, she dumped the rest of them out.

Brian waiting for me... Love this!

Here I am walking out... love the effect the photographer did on this photo!

Color shot

Here we are during the ceremony, I love how intimate and romantic the ceremony was with all of the candle light.

A black and white view...


Exchanging rings... and, yes, we had the actual rings on the ring pillow... BUT, only for Nathan's walk down the aisle! They weren't on there at the park! LOL!


We really wanted to include Nathan and Autumn in the ceremony as much as possible... we had additional sand for them to pour into the Unity sand vase after Brian and I poured. The vase came with a vinyl seal for the top, and is now in my curio cabinet. Loved this!


All in all a wonderful ceremony, especially with only two months to plan it. We became husband and wife, and I look forward to a lifetime of happiness with Brian.
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