Curly Crafty Mom: Santa's Dash (5K)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa's Dash (5K)

Carrie's Santa Dash (5K) Results:
Time: 29:54
Pace: 9:39 per mile
Age Group (30 to 39) Placement: Placed 81 out of 489
Placement Overall: Placed 532 out of 2,432

Ugh. I do not make a good Santa. But, Mom wanted to see this photo... so, here you go Mom! On Saturday I ran my first winter race, the Santa Dash (5K) in St. Charles. I would say, this was my favorite 5K (even over the one at the Zoo in the Spring) that I have ever done. Now, the temperature was in the lower 50's, so if it had been colder... I may tend to disagree. But, I really had a lot of fun!

Ready to start...

The sea of Santas was just amazing.... all of the red, it seemed to go on forever.

This race had you running on the cobblestone in front of the shops on Main Street for the first mile. The owners of my favorite cookie store, Grandma's Cookies were outside their store beating pans. A lot of the other owners were outside the stores too, it was really neat to run along main... even though the cobblestone took a lot more energy to run on. I was excited to PR, but I had to hustle at the end of the race to get through the finish line sub 30 minutes. I did it! I have been running on the treadmill at 27 minutes for 3.1 miles but I think my lack of  carbohydrates in my breakfast and the cobblestones got me. :( Still happy to meet my goal for the year, though!

The best medal I have ever gotten from a 5K. 

Closeup of the medal. 
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