Curly Crafty Mom: Up, up and away Elfie!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Up, up and away Elfie!

With the kids at Dad's all weekend... Elfie had an entire weekend to plan the perfect surprise for the kids return on Monday. Since Autumn is in love with balloons right now, and because Nathan is fascinated with the movie Up!, he decided to make his very own hot air balloon with the basket being Nathan's underwear. Unfortunately, after a couple of trips to the store for more balloons, Elfie still did not have enough lift (the online calculator did not work!). SOooo, Elfie was spotted hanging from the balloons by his arm. What fun!

The kids loved it, and Autumn asked me to help her decorate by tying the Christmas colored balloons all over the house. 

What's next? Elfie was not seen this morning at our house, he is 'traveling' and should be spotted at Grandma's house all week!
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