Curly Crafty Mom: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Wrap Up Post

February. This month was BIG.

In February:

1. Won SOLE LEGAL! Also, finally have the final parenting plan/child support, etc. This is BIG. Why? Because, I can finally move on in my life. I can schedule activities, vacation, etc. without worrying when the parenting schedule will change. I do not have to worry about my babies being taken away from me anymore, I have them all school nights except two every month. And, I know my babies will stay under my Mom's care in the day and will both attend a Lutheran school. I couldn't be happier. Really.

2. Celebrated Valentine's Day. I also helped out with Nathan's class party and made a bow and arrow through the heart game.

3. Nathan got a Cuckoo clock. (Hey, this was worth mentioning!)

4. I took Autumn to Preschool Orientation

5. Nathan and I (well, and Autumn) started indoor seedlings

7. I have continued to read my Daily Bible, and I also read The Help and Definitely Dead (Sookie #6). I am planning on making my first caramel cake from The Help this weekend. Starting Divergent next.

8. I ran 57 miles in February. 36.51 last month. Giving myself a pack on the back.

- -

And, my resolutions:

(1) Grow in my faith - I've decided to not only read my Once a Day Bible, but I started reading a kids bible to Nathan and Autumn every night. They love it. Especially Nathan, because he is a little older and he will let me know if he knows one of the stories already. This is why I love sending him to a Lutheran school, they are teaching him so well! One thing I do need to work more on is praying.

(2) Friendships - Still not sure how I can work on this... I did have an Appetizer Party with a couple of friends one night in February. But, I'm still trying to figure out how to make new friendships. This is a hard one.

(3) Risks - Doing good here, just on standing up for myself.

(4) Quality time with my kids - I think I have been better with this. Last Sunday I popped in a movie, Charlotte's Web (the new one). They have never seen it, but we've had it laying around since Nathan was a baby. I sat on the couch with them, and explained certain parts, etc. We were all cuddling and having a good time. Normally when I put a movie in and they watch it, I scramble to get things done around the house. But, I didn't this time. It was a special moment for me. I try to stop and slow down, and I will keep trying to do it more.

(5) Time to myself each week that isn't BUSY time. Recharge time. - FAIL. I still haven't gotten my relaxing bath in.

(6) Pursuing my interests: I will give myself a PAT on the back for these:
Superhero Photography class--it ended this month but I need to finish the last lesson, Training for a half marathon, Reading

(7) Meals - I have done ok with this... my goal is to prepare one new and one old recipe each week. I haven't done well at doing this every week. But, I did finally make the Pinterest pizza casserole and cheesy garlic haggleback bread. Both were DELISH! Going to attempt The Help caramel cake this weekend.

(8) Mornings. I hate mornings. Try to be better about getting up on time. - FAIL. Sigh. Really, I just can't do it.

(9) Finish my accumulating to-do list (its another blog!). - Turn that FAIL from last month to a SUCCESS. I cleaned out Nathan's room (as in alllll his drawers, tops of furniture, the HUGE wheel barrow of every known type of vehicle in it) and I cleaned up my paper pile. Started getting the 300 stickers off of Nathan's door (yes, the devil stuck 300 stickers on his door!), will finish this weekend. This weekend my BIG GOAL IS CLEANING OUT THE CLOSETS!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Nathan has a little garden growing over at his Grandma's house, so of course when he saw allll the seed packets while we were at Lowes today, he wanted to buy some. How could I say no? So, on this WARM February afternoon, we planted some seeds!

Cucumbers, carrots, green beans, black beans, sunflowers, forget me not and daisies. I think that was all of them... oh wait, no, the seeds Nathan was must excited about were the CACTUS seeds.

First, I had the kids shovel the dirt into the starter kit (yes, her light pink coat went straight into the wash after this!)

Then, we planted

Here are the cute little cactus seeds, looks like we will have two different kinds!

Gosh, she is a cutie

Autumn also had fun making a mess of sand around her sand box

Popsicle markers

Nathan is SO proud of his garden. We had a nice little discussion of where to put the seed pods once we got them inside. He wanted to put them in his room, but there isn't a lot of sunlight on that side of the house. So, right now they are on the side of the kitchen table that is closest to the window. I really need to find a better spot, but for now, that is where they are! Hope they grow...

Now... watch them grow just fine and dandy in this starter kit, but once I transplant them into the outdoor garden they'll die die die. We'll see!!! (Except the sunflowers, how can anyone kill those?!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Auttie's Preschool Open House

I am hoping to keep Nathan at his current school next year, and hope to send Autumn there as well. She cannot wait to go to school just like her big Bro Bro. Here she is ready to leave.

It is so fun to actually do Autumn's hair in a cute little do on the weekends when I am not worried about hustling out the door to get to work on time. I am thinking red is her color!

This isn't the preschool room, but Nathan had to show Autumn how to sit at the desks. I think this is the 6th grade classroom, Nathan was showing it to Autumn because he has Sunday School in there. Look at them both kicking their feet. Ha! Cute!

I'm planning on sending Auttie to two half days of preschool starting in the fall. She is a November birthday, so she will be one of the oldest 3 year olds in the class, which is the opposite of Nathan being a May birthday he is one of the youngest in his class. I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One more Valentine's Day post. Nathan's class party.

Last year I was the Room Mother in charge of all of the class parties for preschool 4, however, this is the first party I have helped at since Nathan has been in Kindergarten. Here is Nathan with his punch, thank goodness he didn't spill it! Ha!

Another Mom brought a cute project where the kids cut out shapes, glued them together and made a mouse with the lolly pop stick being the tail.

Here is the mouse. I brought a game for the kids to play that I had found on Pinterest. It was a really simple game that only cost me $3, because the only supplies needed were straws, q-tips and I got a 2-pack of plastic heart containers. The kids took their straws and would blow the q-tips out into the heart container. I had the class split up into two teams, and whichever team got the most q-tips in their heart container won. The q-tips were the arrows, the straw the bow and the heart containers were the heart, of course! It was really cute, I wish I could have gotten some pictures but with 20 kids it was really busy! (Plus, Mrs. M was at a conference, so the teacher was a SUB! You know how kids are around their SUBS! ha ha!). Anyway, the reason I mention the game is because all of the kids kept their straws and put them on their mouse's tail to make the tail longer. So cute!


I don't know why, but I always like to take pictures of the loot. Nathan's airplane Valentine's were a HUGE hit with the other kids. Mrs. M had us bring in a cereal box for the kids, but it looked like they ran out of time because they weren't decorated. Oh well!

I had forgotten I sent Nathan's a Valentine's Gram until I was looking through his loot. Awh!

The best Valentine (in my opinion) was from one of his teacher aid's. Free McDonalds food! Yum!

Mrs. M had the kids write Valentine's to each other during the school day. Nathan had quite a few of them in his box. These are so sweet, sentimental and original. I love them!




These are just a sampling of some of the cards from Nathan's classmates. So touching!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

I don't really keep a lot of sugar around at my house... and, I knew Nathan would be bringing a lot of it home from school after his Valentine's party. Sooo, I got the kids non-sugary gifts for Valentine's Day. Nathan has been wanting a Cuckoo clock lately, and I looked at them on Amazon and I was able to get one fairly cheap (no, its not wooden) yet it had amazing reviews. Here he is with the box.

I have to say, what a great learning gift for a 5 year old. Basically, its a clock. So, he is learning about how to read a standard clock, what the different hands mean. And, on every hour it chirps, so he is learning about what time we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. And, its so cute to see him stop from doing whatever he is doing to run to it every time it goes off every hour! But, don't worry... it has a light sensor and does not go off at night. And, Nathan carries it back and forth from my house to Grandma's every day, so we have learned it doesn't work on overcast days, either! Too dark in the car! This is just the neatest little clock though for him to learn time with. I think EVERY 5 year old should have one!

And, what did I get Autumn? Lalaloopsie! It is so cute to hear her say that word, but she says it!

AND, I we made our annual Valentine Funfetti cupcakes. Too bad the heart shaped Pinterest tip didn't work. You know why? I overfilled them! I made 18 not 24 and the cupcakes rose over the marble indent. Geesh.

They were still yummy for my tummy though.

Valentine's Party at the Library

It is so neat to go online and plan all of the activities at the local library that I want to take the kids to for a little fun and learning. This last weekend, I took them to the Valentine's Day party at the library.

There was so much to do that we didn't get to play the tic tac toe game with candy hearts, but Nathan did get to shoot the nerf gun at the Cupid's heart.

The kids also got to ice and sprinkle a cookie.

Their favorite part, though, was the silly putty making station. They stayed for two rounds and Nathan got some blue silly putty and Autumn pink.

There was also A LOT of crafts. So, I sort of split them up between the kids since we didn't have a lot of time. Here they are. It was a good time and free!

Lowes Build and Grow - Valentine Box

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we did a lot of fun Valentine activities!

First, we did the Lowes Build and Grow, which Nathan just LOVES. I have grown a little tired of it, but he loves going so I can't not take him. Here he is with his box, and his goofy smile. They made a Valentine Box that holds cards and colored pencils.

Autumn running around with her box, and her cute side pony tail. Her hair has really started to grow! I am really wondering if it will stay blonde, I really think it won't. But, we will see!

Closeup of Nathan's box

The patches are now IRON ON! Yes, yes, this is great. Because, I have about 5 patches I need to sew on for each of them still and I have no idea when I will find time.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos from Superhero Class - Week 5 - Color

This week we focused on how to make color pop in our photographs, and it was a lot of fun. I also spoke to Andrea a bit because some of my photos seem to have way too much red in them, so she showed me a few tips in Photoshop and on how to correct my white balance on my Canon Rebel. So, I plan to work on these tips in the final week of class.

Hopefully I am not boring all of you with these... but, here are this weeks photos:

I am addicted to Rock Star soap by Lush, I was cutting a bar in half because it was just too big for my soap holder... and, I thought... WOW, what pretty colors!



If you are wondering what the fuzzy blobby thing is, it is supposed to be a cape. I took it from one of my old Shera dolls that Autumn likes to play with. Lol.

I drive by these on my way to work everyday







Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where's Yoda?

Autumn loves her Loving Family babies. Nathan loves his Star Wars action figures. For a few days Nathan noticed Yoda was missing, but he still had his little brown shirt. Just no Yoda. Well, when the kids were over at their Dad's for the weekend, I did some major cleaning and I found Yoda in Autumn's Loving Family dollhouse. Yep, nekked. Autumn loves to strip her babies down, most of the time. So, she must have seen Yoda with all of Nathan's action figures, and thought... hmmm, he is small. He must be a baby. Oh, darn, let me get that shirt off of him, he will look even more like a baby. And, in the feeding table Yoda went!

Since then, Yoda has also been classified as a 'boy' baby, being found in the boy baby doll crib. Poor Yoda!
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