Curly Crafty Mom: September 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of September Wrap Up

In September:

1. In September I ran 65.17 miles - my second best running month this year! My year-to-date mileage is at 414.2 miles.
(August: 13.5, July: 52.12, June: 41.25, May: 32.3, April: 47.3 miles, March: 69.05 miles, February: 57 miles, and in January: 36.51 miles)

2. I read two books this month:

Gone Girl - Everyone is reading this book, and you must read it, too! I will warn you though, it is seriously messed up. Even the ending, is messed up. I did find it amusing how the couple in this book (well, specifically the wife) viewed the Midwest- really? All of our casseroles involve a chip and condensed soup? ;) Oh, and might I add, DO NOT read the table of contents like I did, because it sort of gives away the ending.

Chop, Chop - (one of my FB friends suggested this YA Christian book, and it was free on Amazon, so I gave it a whirl.) It was an easy read, sort of a feel good book until the bombshell at the end. I could not put this book down because the story really captivated me. After finishing it, I found out there are 7 more books in the series! I think I am going to give the second book a try eventually, it is hard when I have so many books I want to read and not enough time!

3. Finalized wedding plans. Found MY dress. :)

4. Ran in Warrior Dash, continuing to train for the Go! Halloween 10K and Disney Wine and Dine

Friday, September 28, 2012

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift

Every month Nathan and Autumn's school donates money from chapel to a charity. For the month of October, they accepted money or gifts put in shoe boxes for children in certain age categories. On Christmas, the child will receive the shoe box filled with small toys, school supplies and bath/hygiene products.

Nathan wanted to gift a boy that is his age, so we selected a Boy from the 5-9 age catagory.

Then, we went shopping at Target and found a lot of goodies that Nathan would want (which would mean, this 5-9 year old would want them, too!) and bought just enough things to fill the shoe box. I tried to learn heavier on the fun side then the practical side... its Christmas! We got some small games, I splurged on a construction Lego set, toothbrush and toothpaste (Cars2), a notepad, a fun pencil/eraser/sharper set and some candy.

I used to LOVE this Pick Up Sticks game when I was a kid, I couldn't believe it was in Target's $1 spot. Of course, I grabbed another one for Nathan without him realizing it... it will make a good stocking stuffer later.

Closeup of the lego set.

Here is all of the stuff in the shoe box. It fit rather nicely.

I had Nathan write a letter to the child, and even put his address at the bottom of the letter. Nathan had to learn how to write his name and address (and our address is super duper long), so this was great practice! We hope to hear back from the child, but I am not sure if we will! I just hope he enjoys it and it puts a smile on his face on Christmas morning.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nathan and Autumn's School Photos

Nathan - 1st Grade

Autumn - PS3

Unfortunately, Nathan's order got messed up, they forgot to give us a sheet of wallets... I am so bummed, because it will probably take forever to get them now... and, they didn't include the entire class photos, those are to come later. Boo!

I am pretty happy with how both of these photos turned out. Nathan's hair is a little messy (I had put some product in it that morning, but it didn't hold) but at least he doesn't have a booger hanging out of his nose like the one year. He has a pretty decent smile. Autumn is ADORABLE even though she looks very tense/serious- ha ha! Guess school pictures are stressful the first time around...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My little flower girl...

I have been looking forward to taking Autumn to get her flower girl dress for months (ok, two months, to be exact). I pictured this beautiful afternoon, of us looking through girly girl dresses, finding the perfect dress. Well, Autumn WAS beautiful, but it was not the perfect afternoon. I had my Mom along to help, but instead of Autumn wanting to look through dresses, she wanted to run up and down the aisles in the store and hide from me (until, I told her that wasn't acceptable). Nathan wanted to hide under Autumn's fluffy skirts of the dresses she tried on. Uh, NO. Then, he wanted to lay all over the floor and roll around... UGHHH. Autumn got into a dressing room and only wanted to try on this one ugly dress she picked out. (She was doing this to bug me, trust me, she knows how to push my buttons!) Then, she wouldn't let me take it off to try on other dresses. Then, when I did get it off her she just wanted to lay on it. Then, finally, I got her in another dress and she wouldn't come out to show Grandma... oh, I could go on :) Finally, we finished up and the consultant helping us disappeared for 30 minutes! Luckily, by that time, another girl that was Autumn's age was there with her Mom (who was trying on bridal gowns ALONE, her girl is an angel!) and Autumn and her played and it was actually enjoyable. Ahhhh, 3 year olds. One minute they are so sweet, another they are... well, a child. :o)- Even my Mom was like, what is with them?!! Of course, Autumn came down with a cold later that evening, I am blaming that! And, Nathan had a cold (the one she caught). And, we had a busy morning of selling popcorn at church AND Sunday school. So, of course she was tired for trying on dresses!!

Ruffles are in... BIG time. I really think this dress could eat her.

Autumn kept calling this the pink dress, even though its not pink... This is the beautiful smile she kept giving me for pictures. ha!

And, finally. THE DRESS!!! I love this dress, and so does Autumn! What is nice is it fits her perfectly, no fitting appointment or extra costs, and I won't even need to get  her a necklace due to it tying behind her neck in the back. She LOVES the dress, too, and we will match with our pick up skirts. SO excited.

Love this little shot of her checking herself out in her beautiful new dress in the mirror.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eeeeee! My bridal dress! (Brian, stay OUT!)

So, planning a wedding in 2 months is not as crazy as I thought it would be... but, everyone kept asking me when I was getting my dress. I had a lot of good excuses on why I waited so long... I wanted to find a venue first (this was our biggest challenge of the 2 month wedding, in fact, we agreed that if we couldn't find a perfect venue we would be moving the wedding to next Spring.). However, after that was crossed off, I had the kids for 3 weekends in a row, and we had a lot of things going on every weekend. So, FINALLY, 2 weeks ago I did find a dress! I had a lot of friends worrying I would run out of time, but... nope, I found it! And, here is a photo of me seeing it on for the first time. Is it crazy to fall in love with the FIRST dress you try on? I did! If it makes you feel better, I did try on one other dress, but it just did not compare. I love the pick up in the skirt, so this is why I decided to go with this dress.

Here is the back. Originally, I was going to go with a cocktail dress with a short skirt. But, then I realized I wanted to do photos at the park... It would be October and I get cold easily... then, I started looking a wedding gowns online... Oh, darn. I talked myself out of that cocktail dress and into a beautiful wedding dress! How do these things happen? I am sure Brian will be happy with my decision. Brian, you better not be reading this! The dress does have a short train, which I will leave down for the ceremony. But, for the park photos and the reception, it'll be bustled up.

Here I am with a fingertip length veil on... I am still trying to figure out how I will have my hair done. I didn't have time for a trial appointment, SO I am hoping they can put it up in a cute way... I am going to try to find some photos of up-do's I like. I went back and forth on the veil, but decided to go with it. Now, I just need to figure out my jewelry.

My shoes, they are 2" bridal wedges.

Oh dear. I wanted to die. They made me ring a bell while everyone clapped, because I had found 'my' dress. I wish I could have skipped this part.

How the dress will look bustled

One last photo for your pleasure :)

Hoping to have pics of Autumn in her flower girl dress up soon. The skirt on her dress matches mine, in that it is a 'pick up' skirt.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Real Time Photos of Autumn at School

Autumn's teacher is kind enough to send out real time class photos every week. It is so neat to see what Autumn is up to at school through these photos, and its also a relief to see how smiley and happy she is in all of them! She is really enjoying Preschool 3!

So far, every week they are studying a new letter. The first week was 'A', and currently they are on 'D'.

One way they explore the letter of the week, is by digging in the classroom sand box. They need to dig out objects that start with that letter.

Here are some of the 'A' objects that were found in the sandbox.

Autumn has a lot of friends in her class, here she is with her teacher's daughter, who is also in the class!

Whenever the kids go from the school building to the church building, or to the playground, etc., they line up and hold on to a rope so they don't get lost. I love Autumn's big smile in this photo.

They have gym class on Fridays.

They also learn about God, here is Autumn showing us that God even made the moon!

Autumn LOVES the playground.

Another great smile, Autumn loves play doh time.


I'll try to share some more photos in another few weeks of Autumn in her class.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nathan's ALL ABOUT ME Poster

Nathan had his first big project (he has one every month) sent home in late August and was to be turned in the day they came back from Labor Day. When you look at it, you don't really think it is a lot of work... but, we spent A LOT of time on it, hours! I wanted it to be perfect, we did glitter on the stars, a lot of different mediums (colored pencils, crayons, markers) to add interest, etc. I am excited to say he got a perfect grade on it, yeah! He had to present 3 parts of it to the class, we practiced: I am special because I like coins, Favorite Animal: Frog and something I like to do at home: playing He-Man. He told me he DIDN'T talk about He-Man in class, even though we had practiced it. He talked about his favorite food, instead- apples... he was afraid no one would know what He-Man is!

I wanted to share a close up of some areas on the poster... this is Nathan's coins... we put the coins underneath the poster, and he took a crayon to rub over it to show the coins detail. Nathan collects coins. He rubbed over a regular nickel, a coin from a train station in Paris and a coin that was around before Jesus was born!

Nathan also wanted to show his favorite animal is a frog. Nathan has two pet frogs, Henry and Mater. We did a blue watercolor to represent water under the green crayon frog.

These show that Nathan loves Math (he loves googol, there is a book on it I saw for children that I need to get him) and He-Man.

We can't wait to see what October's special project will be!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Planning Post - Jilly's Cupcakes!

This is the first of many wedding planning posts that you may see... planning a wedding is so much fun, especially when it is small and intimate... and, you have a lot of help and suggestions from family and friends. A few weeks ago, we visited Jilly's, a cupcake bar on Delmar. Of course, Miss Autumn took a sweet little nap before we arrived, but she left on a cupcake sugar high. But, aren't sleeping babies (she's still my baby) SO precious? And, those cheap white sunglasses are her favorite right now.


Jilly's has two locations in St. Louis, their main location is where we had to go to meet with our cake planning coordinator. They also have a location in West County, but it is just a to-go counter. Their main location even serves brunch, which I have heard is REALLY good... we will definitely be back to try their brunch, and more of their cupcakes, when we have time after the wedding.

I have never watched Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, but apparently Jilly's won a cupcake war!


Once inside, you just have to admire the counter... with all the heavenly cupcakes just sitting there, smiling back at you.


We got to taste several cupcakes while we worked with the events coordinator on what sort of wedding cupcake tower we wanted. Nathan and Autumn got to try them all, too!


Our cupcake tower is going to be BEAUTIFUL. We are going to have a regular square sheet cake on the top shelf of the tower. It will be fondant, with orange roses to match my bouquet (my bouquet will be orange roses and white callas) on a white cake. The sides of this cake will have a scroll design to it (see the second photo) with some orange polka dots. The cake will be chocolate with a strawberry filling, that we will freeze and devour on our 1 year anniversary.

Then, on the next two shelves of the tower, we will have standard and mini cupcakes, with FRESH flower buds tucked around (but not in) the cupcakes. We picked two flavors for our cupcakes: white cake with whip cream filling, and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. The cupcakes will be iced white, and some of them will have orange fondant roses and some will have the scroll work with some tiny orange polka dots.

We cannot wait to see how the cupcake tower turns out, it is just something we created with the help of Jilly's and we will see it on our wedding day. I am super excited!

1st Grade Soccer

Soccer started off quicker then ever this year, but mainly because Nathan played in 3 games for a tournament after just one night of practice! His team is amazing this year, they have not lost a game yet, and won all 3 tournament games which resulted in this awesome BONUS medal! And, what 1st grader doesn't like a medal? I really need to take a picture of all of his medals, as I bought him a medal wall rack on his birthday (I have one, too, for my races). This is Nathan's third year of soccer, and may be his last for awhile as I think he really wants to do cross country at his school next year. We'll see.

Of course, someone else is really enjoying all of these soccer practices and games, too! Who, who could that be?!! (This photo was taken during the weekend that Hurricane Issac rolled through St. Louis, and we had 2 games amidst all the rain!)

Oh, this little girl! Autumn has made a little friend named Chloe, who she plays with during soccer practices and games... and, Chloe even signed up to take dancing with Autumn! Its funny because Autumn told me she has two friends named Chloe, because there is a Chloe in her class at school, too!



Some more action soccer shots.
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