Curly Crafty Mom: January 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The story behind the Batmobile (Pinewood Derby)

Nathan found a little used Batman figure at the grocery store, laying on top of a bunch of boxes while we were checking out our groceries. Ok, so maybe I am a bad Mom, but... he asked me if he could take it home and I said sure. He couldn't believe this... that I would let him take this Batman figure home, just like that. I know, I know, I should have had him take it to lost and found, but... I didn't... it just didn't look very valuable to me, so hopefully some little kid isn't crying still for his lost Batman toy. We wiped down this nasty abandoned Batman in our car with baby wipes and Batman became Nathan's obsession for several weeks. Such as obsession that Nathan wanted to make a Batman pinewood derby car. This is Nathan's Batman pinewood derby car.



Just some detail shots. There are a lot of little details on this car that I just love.

Nathan's pinewood derby was yesterday, on a Tuesday night... starting at 6pm! First they weighed the cars and by 7pm the race started. Nathan and Autumn's cars both weighed 4.9 oz.This was a really, really late night with both kids having school the next morning. Here is a photo of Nathan by the track.


Nathan's car during the race... they aren't announcing results until the next meeting in February, but we are thinking Nathan's car will place third. 

Autumn's car is the pink one in the middle... her car will def. place in 1st.


Certificates for participating





And, you know me. I had to take photos of all the cars.

Like I said, it was a long night... and, I had to walk Autumn over to the bathroom twice. I got a little bored the second time while I waited for her to use the bathroom and took some shots in the mirror (anyone who took Superhero will remember this lesson!). YES, I was really bored and tired. What a long night! And, Nathan woke up bouncing off the walls remembering EVERY detail... yes, yes... Nathan will be talking about the pinewood derby for MONTHS to come. I think in the next month or two they have some sort of boat/gutter derby. Ah, I am learning all kinds of stuff having a cub scout.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Master Bath Decorating

Warm Summer
Since we have painted the bathroom in the Warm Summer hue, I have been trying to decide how to decorate it... I did not want to get the old accessories and towels back out because I am tired of them and most of them do not match anymore. I have been looking around online for some ideas because I haven't had time to browse in person at Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.

White Mirror_Dixie delights
On one of the blogs I follow, Dixie Delights, I saw that she had just redone her bathroom. Right now we have spot lights and a huge sheet mirror above the sink. I want softer light like she has in this photo with the sconce and I would love to find a white framed mirror.


I have my eye on this triple sconce... it is beautiful. Brian is pretty handy and would be able to take out our old light and replace it with this new one. I know, I probably should have decided this BEFORE we started painting... but, the new paint just got all kinds of new ideas started in my head. Ahhh. :)

Right now, above the toilet we have a hand towel bar... I would love to remove this and put a towell ring next to our sink on the right side of the mirror. I think this is a lot more practical than a towel bar above a toilet! 


Since our Master Bedroom has grays/whites/yellows in it, I am continuing that trend in the bathroom. I would love a simple gray monogrammed towel on the towel ring like the one pictured above. 

Now, without that towel bar above the toilet, I need to put something else there... I am not sure if this basket is it, I don't think it is... but, I would love to put a basket on top of the toilet and fill it with some fun towels. Since our bedspread has yellow/white stripes with gray/white striped sheets, I was thinking some rolled up gray striped towels with some white ones would be fun and maybe a little faux plant inside the basket on the other side of the towels.


I really would love some striped towels like these to put in the basket.


Now, a splurge... while browsing the web I fell in LOVE with this PBK White Cabinet with baskets. I love how open it is and I know it will look great against the contrast of the creamy yellow walls. I would have Brian hang this above the toilet/basket on the toilet. There is a nice little cubby space right there and it would fit perfectly.

Then, there is a wall to the right of the shower.. I want to create a monogrammed canvas like she did on Dixie Delights except I would make the wooden monogram a light gray and I would leave the canvas painted white. I love monograms! You can buy the wooden monograms off of Etsy for fairly cheap, even the large ones... then you just paint the monogram, paint the canvas white, glue and hang! So easy!


That is about all I have planned for the bathroom for now... I did see this double towel bar that I loved, but I will probably pass on it for now. What a neat idea, though!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

100th Day of School and more!

Yesterday Autumn's class celebrated the 100th Day of School! We were asked to bring in something for the kids to count, so I brought in red cups for them to count and stack. Autumn's teacher sent me this photo, it looks like Autumn's classmate in the middle wants to keep all the cups to herself! ;)


Autumn's play dough frosty

Autumn loves babies... when asked to draw her family she drew me with 5 babies?! lol! I love how one is crying and some have curly hair just like her! Cute!!

Autumn playing kitchen. She loves three things right now... helping in the kitchen, puppies...

and babies!! I am so blessed to receive all of these wonderful photos on my phone from Autumn's teacher. She is the best!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Post - Our Table Service Meals

After booking our Disney trip, our travel agent wanted to work with us right away on booking our Table-Service meals. Disney opens up reservations 180 days before the date that you would actually dine at the restaurant. Since we are about 180 days out it was perfect time to book our meals and we could really select any time or day that we wanted.  

Since we did not get park hopper passes, we had to book the restaurant at the park we would be at for that day. The only restaurant that we really want a reservation at and cannot get one is for Be Our Guest at the new Beast Castle in the new Fantasyland. Our travel agent is checking every day to try to secure us this special reservation.

We had a hard time deciding which restaurants to do because some of them counted as TWO Table-Service dining credits... one of them being Cinderella's Royal Table (CRT) which is in Cinderella's Castle. One reason I really wanted to eat here is because its the #1 hot spot to eat at in Disney, there is character dining AND I want to take Autumn to get her hair/nails done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB) before eating at CRT. Both CRT and BBB are inside the castle so it is really convenient. Since there really isn't anything for the 'boys' to do while we are at the BBB, we had our agent book a time for Nathan to do the Pirate's League at the same time Autumn gets her hair/nails done. So, we'll have a beautiful princess and a handsome pirate at lunch with us at CRT.

Our other reservations for the other days are much simpler...

Boma Buffet - this is one of the many restaurants at the Animal Kingdom Resort, where we are staying... we will probably spend a half day at Animal Kingdom then spend the rest of the day enjoying the animals and pool on the resort and trying out their popular buffet. Its ranked #24 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Orlando and some of the food is supposed to have an African flair to it. I've seen photos of their dessert spread and it looks pretty amazing, too!

Hollywood & Vine, Fantasmic Package - Our day we are at Universal Studios, we are doing the Fantasmic dinner and show option. Amazingly, its only 1 Table Service credit! What you get is dinner and free reserved tickets to see the Fantasmic
nighttime extravaganza--cloned from the original Disneyland version. The show consists of live action, pyrotechnics and water effects as we watch Sorcerer Mickey battle Disney Villains. Our travel agent told us this package sells out really, really fast. so we are so happy we booked it early!

These are the only reservations we will secure since we are there 4 nights and CRT takes 2 credits. If we get a reservation for Be Our Guest at the Beast Castle, we'll pay out of pocket for it. When Brian and I went to Disney last November we did just quick service meals (no reservations) because we booked 1 month ahead and didn't get the dining plan. All the restaurants we checked were booked so we enjoyed the quick service places and they weren't bad.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Car Accident and Painting FAIL. Whatta weekend!

So, my weekend started with THIS. Yes, I was sitting at a red light on my way home from work and someone (a fellow employee!) rear-ended me! I wasn't sure if I should get my car estimated, but I decided it was worth it to get my bumper looked at and to repair the lovely 'screw holes' he left in my bumper. Ahhh.

Then, once arriving home... Brian and I decided to go to our favorite Friday place (54th Street) for dinner and then to goes to Lowes to get our painting supplies for Saturday. We were finally going to paint the Master Bathroom! Yeah! We selected this lovely paint swatch called Oatlands Daisy. A nice muted yellow. My bedroom is gray/yellow/whites and I wanted a nice soft yellow in the bathroom. 

Saturday morning I had my hair appointment, after that I helped Brian finish priming the bathroom... we finished early and I got a gorgeous run in at my favorite spot. Did I mention it was in the lower 60's? Ahhh. A good day. We planned to start painting the beautiful Oatlands Daisy first thing Sunday morning. I could. not. wait.

Saturday Morning!! Sorry, no picture... You have to wait! Umm, so. Oatlands Daisy was an awful bright canary yellow once we painted it on the bathroom walls. It seriously hurt my eyes to even look at the walls. Painting FAIL. I was so bummed, because... I really like the color on the swatch. I felt fooled. Was it the lighting in the bathroom that changed it? What happened! I was rather depressed, so I went for a bitter treadmill run so I could mull it over.

While running on the treadmill, Brian went back to Lowes and got some other paint samples. When I came upstairs he had already painted them on the wall in squares. I thought, WHY didn't we do this to begin with? Why?!! Now, I know.

You can see a second coat of the Oatlands Daisy on the upper right square and all around the paint sample squares is just one coat of the Oatlands Daisy. We selected the upper right sample to be our final bathroom color. I can't even remember the name, but it is so more subdued and the yellow I envisioned. We just painted one coat of it over the bright ugly yellow and our problem was solved. We even got it done in time to watch Downton Abbey (my new favorite show) live. The next weekend J has the kids I plan to hit Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to look for new bathroom accessories and wall art. Yeah! Can't wait.

Now I am itching to repaint the bedroom... I really like how people paint the wall behind the headboard a darker color than the side walls... When (not if) we do this, I'll be sure to get PAINT SAMPLES this time. :))) Also, we tried out the green frog tape and it is amazing over that yucky blue tape. Go green! Get frog!

After I get the bathroom decorated, I'll show some before and after pics. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Treated myself to some new jewelry!

My jewelry box has been a little lonely lately... especially with how Autumn has trashed it. So, I thought it was time to treat myself to some nice jewelry for work and going out. I love this new boutique called Molly Suzanne... who can beat affordable jewelry at a great price? And, these days, online shopping is the way to go when my kids are so demanding.

When I opened the box, everything was wrapped nicely in pink tissue paper.

Here is everything I purchased... she had a sale going last week so I got 20% off! Besides the jewelry, I also got a color block infinity scarf... I am really hooked on scarves right now and this one is really soft. I am also so excited about my first bubble necklace.

I bought this set of 3 rings to go with my chevron maxi dress.

Here you will see a mint colored bubble bracelet, which I am really excited to add some mint colors to my wardrobe this Spring. I also got the shredded wrap bracelet in white/gold and the falling leaves earrings.

I recommend checking out her site, it is great for treating yourself or for finding a sentimental gift for a friend.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Autumn's 4 Year Stats

Last Saturday, Autumn had her 4 year well visit and she is doing really well overall. I felt bad because I did not think there would be any shots, so when she asked me if she'd have a shot I told her no. Silly me! When we got there we found out she would indeed have TWO shots. Given that she had to be held down for her flu shot, I was NOT looking forward to it. Turns out, she was in a bright little mood with big smiles the entire appointment and she was just excited to get two new  band aids out of the shots. Autumn is very much into band aids right now... she loves to have one on each thumb.

Autumn still has a tiny bit of her heart murmor (it will go away as she grows) and we brought up that she will be tested for speech therapy on Valentine's Day. She is an average sized girl which is wonderful, because she was such a skinny baby (we used to call her string bean!). They also tested her vision and she passed.

Here are her stats:
Height: 40" (49.96%)
Weight: 34 lb 8 oz (41.68%)

Autumn is really starting to show her independence these days... especially when it comes to deciding what pair of shoes she wants to wear! She loves to give her babies and puppies baths (she got the AG bath tub for Christmas) as you'll see in the photo above that her teacher sent to me. She also loves to unclothe all her dolls, because she wants them all to be BABIES, of course! Autumn loves to sing all of the songs she learns at school or Sunday school and is really into drawing babies with crayons or creating them out of play dough. She loves to get herself dressed for her ballet/tap dance even though it means Mommy needs to give her 20 long minutes... She loves to eat bananas, Mac & Cheese, spaghetti, Krispy Kreme, Lunchable's pizzas, Campbell's Chicken & Stars soup, cherries, ice cream cone's and raw broccoli/cauliflower. Her favorite restaurant is McDonalds. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and would love for Mommy to buy her a puppy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Not much.

Not a whole lot going on in our neck of the woods right now... I haven't touched my camera in over a week. Its kind of nice to take a breather after all of the business that Christmas brings. I have slowly started some of my 2013 goals... We have had a few lazy weekends at home... really, not much.

Last week I started my Mondo Beyondo class and I really hope to get a lot of dreaming in for this session. There is a few things in my life right now that I am trying to find answers on... I have some ideas of where I want to go next with these parts of my life, but I haven't really acted on these ideas... for years and years!! Can you imagine that? 

I have started to work on some of my 2013 goals... One of these is making my 2009-2012 blogs into books. I am having great success with this by using Jen/Laura's instruction and my goal of getting the 2012 book done in 3 months is laughable now... because, it will take me much less time using Lulu!

This week I start training for my third half marathon. Let me be honest with you. I am not really that excited. I think I am just feeling really lazy lately. I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day 5 mile race.

We are planning two trips with the kids and that planning is under way! As I have mentioned before, I really want to take the kids to Orlando to see Disney. I cannot believe Nathan will turn 7 before seeing the magic of Disney. But, he will indeed see it at 7 because we are planning an early summer trip! I have been working with Stacey Burns, our travel agent and we will be putting a down payment on the trip later this week. We are going to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a Savannah view (as in giraffes under our balcony!)... I really cannot wait! We have decided to go with the dining package (which to my surprise does NOT include 3 full meals a day, but OH WELL)... and, we are flying and this will be the kids first trip on an airplane! Wheee! I really cannot wait to book because once we do, we are going to start working with Stacey on our dining reservations... and, I def. want to take Autumn to the castle for breakfast with the princesses and of course the hair salon to get her hair done. I might even get suckered into doing the Disney mail for the kids everyday (darn you Pinterest!).

Our other trip we are planning with the kids is a camping trip to Trout Lodge YMCA. This is really not TRUE camping, but its the only camping I care to do! We are looking into Mother's Day weekend or even Memorial Weekend so we can enjoy the swimming activities. Or, we may just pick a random weekend! I am excited because all the food is included and most of the activities are included too. They have campfires with smores, horse back riding, scavenger hunts, fishing, bike trails, geocaching, hiking, a craft room, ziplining, sailboats, etc., etc.

I have also gotten into a TV show... the first time SINCE my maternity leave with Nathan! I used to watch so many shows pre-kids it wasn't even funny. I miss my shows. So, I have decided I have time for ONE. I decided to start watching Downtown Abbey with Brian and we are hooked even though we did not even see Season 1 and 2. Might need to fix that.

Brian and I have finally gotten around to combining our finances. Yes, that is sad, isn't it? I just had a really complicated way of paying all of my bills and we really had to set aside time to go over how to do it better. Um, so, there was a better way and that way was Mint. Brian is awesome, what can I say? We have budgets and just a so much more rounded way of doing bills now. And, I am happy to give Brian the job of doing them! And, I do have to laugh that yes Brian has a monthly Lowes budget and I have a monthly Target budget. Ahh, whatever works!

I got Brian a 2 lb. bread machine for his birthday, because well... Brian is really into making bread these days. We sort of have too much bread in our house and its a common joke between me and the kids... what is Brian doing? Oh. He's making bread again. Do we really need this much bread?! And, Brian will respond, its my hobby right now, flour is only $3 a bag. Um, ok, whatever. Of course, last night I was craving some fresh white bread and I was sort of shocked when Brian had none. I was a little sad.

This weekend we are planning to paint the Master bathroom. Finally. Long weekend = home project, right? 

Nathan finally hit a solid 40 lbs. Yes, it took forever but we are excited to change his car seat over to the next level. Nathan is just so excited. Its the small things in life. :)

What else has been going on? Nathan is starting to work on his Pinewood derby car, Autumn is going to finally be tested through the county for speech therapy on Valentine's Day, Autumn had her 4 year well visit (more on that), we saw Les Mis at the theater and it was amazing perhaps one of the top 3 films I've seen in the theater EVER... Brian is in a weight loss challenge at work and he is #2 so far (there is some serious cash involved if he wins! hee!!)... oh, and, taking Autumn to the mall is still not a good idea (can we say, almost broke 10 coffee cups on a kioske?!) 

Hmm. Ok, now I am thinking maybe 'Not much.' isn't a good title for this post as it seems there IS some things going on... well, its still half of what we are normally up to! LOL!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New shoes. Upcoming races. Heck yeah!

Fleet Feet as become my favorite running supply store and just this last weekend I went in there for a brand new pair of running shoes. I was a few years overdue but unlike most runners I do most of my runs on my treadmill so it is probably not as hard on the shoes (just a guess).

I wanted to go away from Nike and I have fairly new inserts (an extra piece inside the shoe that gives extra support that most runners need for long distance running) so the lady went in the back and brought 3 new boxes of shoes out.

The first pair I tried on was Brooks (Trance 12) and it felt like heaven on my feet... could a durable and supportive running shoe really feel THAT good? My Nike's are great for running but I would not want to walk around in them all day... but, the Brooks I could live in! This may be why I needed a new pair of shoes. My Nike's I had gotten at Dick's and the lady said they were good long distance running shoes but that nothing could really beat a pair of Brooks. I agree with her. I tried on a pair of New Balance (a very purpley colored pair might I add!) and the pair of Nike's and of course the Brooks won! I was a little surprised she did not bring out a pair of Asics as I had thought that is what I would land up with, but NOPE.

Unfortunately I had a HORRIBLE cold so I did not try out the Brooks until last night and I will say I am glad I bought these right before my half marathon training starts, because I can tell a difference when running in them. I also needed to get a pod holder because I run on the treadmill and so my Garmin tracks my pace/mileage with my foot pod. I need to get it synced up a little better because last night it was off... I have heard it needs to be really secure and cannot jiggle AT ALL. My honey (Brian) is going to get it all fixed up for me before my next run. (Love you, BriBri!)

The shoes and the pod were a little over $170... running is definitely not a free or cheap sport like some may think! But, protecting my feet is important to me. I love to look at reviews online and after coming home and seeing over two thousand 5 star reviews on Brooks shoes made me quite happy and confident in my decision. Also, my shoe has some sort of adaptive cushioning 'gel' in it called DNA in it... um, cool... I guess! :)

I start training for the Go! Half Marathon on January 15th! I also talked Brian into 'trying' a half marathon and he is doing a beginners type training program. I am also farting (ha! Nathan's favorite word) around with the idea of running the 5 mile St. Patrick's Day race before the parade in March. There really isn't any races until then... I think it would be a fun pre-half marathon race and I've always wanted to run in it. We'll see!

If you are a runner, I'd love to know what shoes you've had and love to run in.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Auttie's 2013 Recital Costume

Last night I saw a photo of Autumn's first recital costume... I am in love with it! It will be the dress pictured on the left and in the red color on the right. I still have a big storage box filled to the brim with all of my old recital costumes (that she loves to try on) and this is just the beginning for her! So fun to have a little girl! The recital isn't even until June, but I cannot wait to see her up there on the stage.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

1. Running Goals:
- Run Go! Half Marathon this April and Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October.
- Run a 10K and a few 5K's (Color Run, Tulip Trot, Make Tracks at the Zoo, Oktoberfest, Go! Halloween (10K)).
- 2:20 or below Half Marathon PR. Killed this with a PR at Rock N Roll Half at 2:09:19!!!!
- 27 or below 5K PR. or just a 5K PR in general. PR'ed at Oktoberfest 5K at 27:00!!

2. Other Work Out Goals:
- Weights DVD 1-2x a week. I did really good with this at the beginning of the year, then stopped! And, I really need to tone up my upper body!
- Look into a kettle bell DVD Need to be more regular with working out to it, tho!
- Check out the Pilates gym (Keep saying I will, haven't yet! Now I really want to try a Barre Gym)

3. Religious Goals:
- Pray more. Pray more with kids. I need to work on daily prayers still!
- Take a bible study class at our church. Haven't had time to do this, I am reading Jesus Calling, a devotional book. I do plan to do an online bible study in 2014.

4. Make blog books:
- 2012 (Work on January-March)
- 2011 (Work on April-June)
- 2010 (Work on July-September)
- 2009 (Work on October-December)


5. Figure out how I would like to continue my blog Had Smitten Design create a new blog design, more DIY, Fashion, etc.

6. Career Growth

7. Get into a TV show (I miss TV!!), keep up with my magazines instead of tossing them after they've been unread for 5 months. Watched Downton Abbey.

8. Goals for the Home:

- Revamp Family Room. Worked on a gallery wall. Organize DVDs next? Still not done.
- Paint Master Bathroom (MLK weekend?) Now I need to finish the decor! I did finish a few decorating projects in the room, tho.
- Finish up Master Bedroom decor - Fail

- Clean/organize finished part of basement - Fail
- Clean/organize unfinished part of basement - Fail

10. Trips:
- Plan Disney trip with kids for this July Went to Disney in July!
- Take kids camping at YMCA Trout Lodge during their Spring Break or Mother's Day weekend Went on Memorial Day Weekend!
- Chicago to meet Wine Girls in Fall? No trip was planned for Wine Girls, but went to Chicago with Brian. Would love to do a girls weekend sometime

13. Mondo in January

14. Online Photography Classes I want to complete: Fail on this one, maybe in 2014.
- Our Fifth House
- Its Over Flowing

15. Change my primary DR to one that is at Mercy - Fail

17. Fashion/clothes. I would like to pretty myself up a little more this year. I wear the same jewelry every day and I have never been to Sephora. It would be nice to treat myself a little more. :) I've definitely updated my closet with clothes I love and new accessories... I want to continue to do this... Still need to plan a trip to Sephora!

18. Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 items out of my closet for 30 days). I am intrigued by this... I think it would be fun because it would take me out of my comfort zone. Did a May, August and November 30x30 Challenge. WHEW.


We are planning a trip with the kids to Disney in July and Nathan is afraid to fly. The boy has NEVER flown (unless you count a work trip to Milwaukee when he was in my belly) anywhere in the entire 6 years of his life. Autumn isn't nervous at all. Since, we will be flying to Disney... we thought Santa should bring Nathan a passenger plane Lego set for Christmas to help ease his fears. Nathan was so excited to put the plane together and we have been talking a lot about what he is afraid of and it has helped calm his nerves. He is actually excited to fly to Orlando now! (Hopefully it will stay that way! ha!)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

SLAM Art Sunday - Shekere


We had ZERO plans this last weekend. Saturday I took the kids to the bank to deposit some money and they get coins to redeem for prizes. Target. Then lunch at Bread Co. on a gift card. Came home and let kids play in the snow outside. Came inside and did nothing the rest of the day. Lounging with the kids is so nice. Sunday, again... ZERO plans. I made some cookies. Decided to go to the art museum for their Art Sunday and we scrambled to get there by 2:30pm (yep, it was a PJ's day!)... the kids made these shekeres and then we did a scavenger hunt in a few of the galleries. Came back home and did some more lounging. Made tacos for dinner. Ahhh, life is good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our house to yours! We laid low on New Year's Eve with food and my parents at our house. We got the kids to bed around their normal time, Brian was snoring on the couch by 10:30pm, so nope no one was up to crash in the New Year at midnight! Then, we went to a fairly early show at the theater on New Year's Day (its a 2 year tradition) and saw Wreck It Ralph. The kids loved it and I thought it was really cute.

Looking forward to another year with my wonderful new husband.

For the party I was craving some appetizers. So we had Rotel Cups and Pigs in a blanket... We had so much to snack on (my Mom brought a veggie tray and Pinwheel cookies- which are sort of a cookie we ate every NYE growing up) that by the time Brian got the pizza done we were getting quite full! The pizza was DELISH!

Brian made Ciabatta dipping bread, it was SO good!!


I always buy poppers at Target, and this year they didn't have the little confetti filled ones... so, I got some different ones... they were fun, but a little weird. LOL! I didn't realize they had TOYS in them, and some of the toys were funny and others I was wondering WHAT the heck? So, we had a small car, a whoopee cushion,  then... a TOE nail clipper? UHH! What!!! It was funny, though! I can't remember what the other prizes were... there was also a joke and a paper crown in each one.


After that, we enjoyed my famous Crock Pot Hot Sundae Cake. OHHHH, its SO good. I was going to make it on Christmas Eve but forgot... so, I saved it for NYE! Yum! Its so easy to make, I prep two bags of dry ingredients (the cake and the icing) and then when its time to dump it in the crock pot I just add the few wet ingredients. The hot fudge forms on the BOTTOM of the cake. Such a great scoop cake.

Then we let the kids make some noise, and off to bed they went!
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